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Kindle iOS app will soon let you filter books by read and unread

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Read-unread filter coming to Kindle app for iPad and iPhone
Al long-expected features that will let you filter books by their read-unread status is coming to Kindle app soon / Screenshot: Apple iTunes

The biggest problem of avid book readers will soon be sorted out. The Kindle app for iPad and iPhone will automatically show you only the books you haven’t read yet.

In a press release announcing Kindle 9 (2019), Amazon shared plans to add to Kindle e-readers and apps a very convenient feature that will automatically filter books by read and unread.

It has just been confirmed in a newest update of the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone. The version history says that in the coming weeks you will be able to “filter your library to see only read or unread books.”

Any book that appears to have been completed (you reach 100% of its length) will automatically be marked as read and displayed as one when you use the “Read” filter in the Library view.

At first, it looks like a little improvement, but avid book readers will find it extremely helpful. With the Kindle app letting you download not a few but a few hundreds books, you can easily get lost in what titles you have finished and what are still on your to-read list.

So far, if you wanted to mark the title as read, you had to do it manually, by creating a collection, and adding finished books one by one.

I don’t have too many books from by Kindle cloud library downloaded to the iOS app. Therefore, I hope the new filter will also work in the archive view (“All” tab), so that I could know the read-unread status of the book before downloading it.

What does “in the coming weeks” mean? When Kindle app was updated recently with the Siri Shortcuts support, it also claimed it would be added “in the coming weeks,” but the feature was already there.

I’ve checked the Kindle app, and by the time of writing this post, the only available sort/filter options are: recent, title, author, and publication date.

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