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Quick tips to read more books (infographic)

Tips to read more books introduction

Make reading books a habit, don’t push yourself to finish a book, read before you watch Netflix, have a book with you wherever you go. Ready to start today?

From an online health magazine Health Perch comes a new infographic that lists quick and easy to follow tips that will help you read more books.

It all starts with the habits. The thing is that you don’t need to make a new habit of reading books – you can use the habits you have developed while watching movies and TV shows on Netflix or other video-on-demand services.

Taking a book wherever you go is easier than ever before. You can get thousands of them to your e-reader, but you don’t need a dedicated device for that. Your smartphone is more than enough for quick reading sessions during a day.

The infographic is accompanied by a very interesting article that shows the benefits of reading for your brain, so make sure to check it as well: Why Being a Bookworm is Good for Your Brain and Body.

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Quick tips to read more books - full infographic

Via Health Perch.

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