Book lovers’ guide to Prime Day 2020 deals available not only for subscribers

Prime Day 2020 - best Kindle book audiobook deals

Amazon’s dedicated Prime Day 2020 deals are much more attractive than a year ago. Plus, there are other deals even non-members can grab.

Prime Day 2020 is on October 13 and 14, but the event’s home page is already available with new deals featured every day. Just like in previous years, we expect thousands of exclusive offers to become available in two final days.

How many of them would be interesting for book lovers? Save time for reading books. We’ve prepared a stress-free list of deals so that you don’t have to dive (and get drowned) in the ocean of offers – with most of them not even meeting your needs.

A few days ago, Amazon announced in Prime Day 2020 highlights that there would be one Kindle model on sale, one Kindle Unlimited deal for new subscribers, and one Audible deal on the Premium Plus plan. But the new, surprisingly attractive, Kindle deals have just been revealed – including the deepest price cut on the top Kindle Oasis model!

Even better, there are hundreds of other deals on Amazon right now, and they are available also for non subscribers. Why get Prime if you can grab a good book-related deal without it?

The updated list is simplified to the bones. Only the best deals are listed, across a few categories: print books, Kindle devices and services, book and audiobook subscriptions, and gift ideas.

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Kindle Print Audible Gifts

We have gone through endless pages of search results to find offers and deals not only for Prime subscribers but all Amazon customers. Why subscribe to Prime if you can get a similar deal on another product from the same category?

Why shop during Prime Day and not Black Friday?

The reason to start looking earlier for Christmas gifts is simple. Facing the second wave of coronavirus, shipping dates would become highly unpredictable. It may turn out that goods purchased during Black Friday or Cyber Monday would not arrive before Christmas – especially that many more users would shop in online stores.

The list is developing. Make sure to bookmark it in your web browser and come back later.

⇢ Prime Day 2020


Save $30 on the basic Kindle

Prime Day 2020 - basic Kindle deal

Amazon announced that only one Kindle model (Paperwhite) would be available as Prime Day deal, but actually two other are also on sale.

The Prime Day price of the basic Kindle is set at $59.99, which means you save $30 – it’s even less that what we expected in our Prime Day Kindle price watch.

The 10th-generation Kindle was introduced in April 2019. The biggest improvement is a front-lighted display. Four LED lamps spread an even light across the display to help you read in the dark without a bedside lamp.

  • You save: $30; the Prime Day deal price is set at $59.99 ($89.99).
  • Status: Only for Prime members, current and new.
  • Valid: By the end of Prime Day 2020.

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$50 off Kindle Paperwhite

Prime Day 2020 - Kindle Paperwhite deal

Only one Kindle model will be sold during Prime Day 2020 at a reduced price. It’s Kindle Paperwhite, and its price is reduced by as much as $50 – the highest price cut we have ever seen on this model.

Prime members can grab this exclusive deal on October 13 and 14. You can order a version with the 3-month Kindle Unlimited free plan at no extra cost.

Kindle Paperwhite 4 is waterproof. It can withstand immersion in 2 meters of water for 1 hour. The screen is covered by edge-to-edge glass. Four colors are available: Black, Plum, Twilight Blue, and Sage

  • You save: $50; the Prime Day deal price is set at $79.99 ($129.99).
  • Status: Only for Prime members, current and new.
  • Valid: By the end of Prime Day 2020.

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$75 off Kindle Oasis

Prime Day 2020 - Kindle Oasis deal

Just as we expected, the latest-generation Kindle Oasis goes on Prime Day sale for the first time in history!

The $250 top-shelf Oasis is the only Amazon e-reader to sports an adjustable warm light. In the evening, you can change the color temperature of the front light to be warmer. It will help you avoid sleep problems.

The $75 price cut is the highest we have ever seen on this premium Kindle model.

  • You save: $75; the Prime Day deal price is set at $174.99 ($249.99).
  • Status: Only for Prime members, current and new.
  • Valid: By the end of Prime Day 2020.

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Save huge on Kindle Oasis 3 designer cases

Save huge Kindle Oasis 3 cases

Kindle compatible cases from Ayotu are among the best designs we’ve ever seen. The company offers variants that will meet every taste and need.

These fashionable cases are also available for the premium Kindle Oasis 3 model. You can choose from a range of colorful, floral patterns, or pick up one of minimalist versions.

  • You save: Up to $31 (58%). The deal price is $18.99 ($49.99).
  • Status: For all Amazon customers.
  • Valid: N/A.

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50% off 6-month Kindle Unlimited plan

Prime Day 2020 deal on Kindle Unlimited

If you haven’t subscribed to Kindle Unlimited yet, you can sign up for this popular digital subscription right now to save 50% on the six-month plan.

A monthly fee for Kindle Unlimited service is $9.99. Six months cost $60, you pay only $30. Make sure to be logged in to Amazon with the same credentials as your Prime subscription to see the deal personalized for you.

  • You save: $29.97.
  • Status: Only for Prime members.
  • Valid: By the end of Prime Day 2020.

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Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge

Get two months of Kindle Unlimited for free

While the earlier Kindle Unlimited deal is available exclusively for Prime subscribers (and they will be charged right after signing up), this offer can be grabbed by any Amazon customer who is new to Kindle Unlimited.

The deal gives you access to Kindle Unlimited for two months completely free of charge. After that period, you will be charged $9.99 for the first paid month of the subscription until you cancel it during the free period.

It’s like having the 60 days of free trial of Kindle Unlimited instead of 30 days.

  • You save: $9.99, compared to 30-day free trial.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers who haven’t used Kindle Unlimited before.
  • Valid: March 31, 2021.

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Save up to 40% on long-term Kindle Unlimited plans

Kindle Unlimited long-term plans deal Prime Day

Opposite to Kindle Unlimited deals featured above, this one is available not only to all Amazon customers, but also to active Kindle Unlimited subscribers – also the ones who are still using their free trial.

The deal on long-term pre-paid plans lets you save $11 on the 6-month subscription ($48 instead of $60) or $96 on the 24-month plan ($144 instead of $240).

  • You save: Between $12 and $96, depending on the length of subscription.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers: new, existing and free trial Kindle Unlimited members.
  • Valid: December 31, 2021.

⇢ Kindle Unlimited deal

3 months of Kindle Unlimited free for new subscribers

Prime Day 2020 - get 3 months free of Kindle Unlimited

Another deal for Prime subscribers who never tried Kindle Unlimited before gives 3 months of unlimited reading free of charge.

You should be able to see the deal personalized for you when you visit the Kindle Unlimited sign up page on Amazon. Amazon will recognize you are a Prime member who is eligible for Kindle Unlimited deals for new users. Next to the regular offer, you will see the current deal.

  • You save: $29.97.
  • Status: Only for Prime members.
  • Valid: By the end of Prime Day 2020.

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Other Kindle deals


Save up to 35% on print books

Best book deals Prime Day 2020

Several hundred paperback and hardcover books are offered at lowered prices every day – but it’s hard to find them on Amazon. We have managed to craft an advanced search that displays a list of results in “Today’s Deals” featured in “Books” category.

Currently, over 1,000 books can be purchased at discount prices. Use the filter list on the left to narrow down the results to your favorite category.

  • You save: Up to 35% on select titles. The books and prices are being updated every day.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers.
  • Valid: Ongoing offer.

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Other book deals

  • Save up to 40% on 150 great reads – The list includes titles from the most popular categories: thrillers, teen fiction, biographies, romance, and non-fiction. Available for all customers. Valid until October 5, 2020.


$50 off 12-month Audible Premium Plus

Audible Premium Plus 50 dollars off Prime Day 2020

Audible Premium Plus is a former Gold membership. It gives unlimited access to Plus Catalog, and one credit per month that you can exchange for any audiobook from the Premium Catalog.

The annual Audible Premium Plus subscription costs $149.50. With a price cut set at $50, you don’t pay one third of the subscription fee. You should be able to see the deal when you log in to Amazon and visit Audible sign up page.

  • You save: $50; the Prime Day deal price is set at $99.99 ($149.99).
  • Status: Only for Prime members, current and new.
  • Valid: By the end of Prime Day 2020.

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Get magnetic eyeglass holder pack for $18.99

Readerest eyeglass holder for book lovers

From Readerest come clever magnetic eyeglass holders that you can pin to your shirt without damaging it. No more dropping, scratching or misplacing your glasses – they are exactly at the place you want them.

We have found the two-piece Readerest set among Prime day offers. The set includes one stainless-steel and one gunmetal black piece.

  • Current price: $18.99 ($9.50 / count).
  • Status: Available for all Amazon customers.
  • Valid: N/A.

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Up to 45% off fashion earphones – perfect for audiobooks

iMore fashion earphones perfect for audiobooks

If you love to listen to audiobooks on your smartphone wherever you are, and looking for reasonably priced fashionably looking earphones, take a look at the offer from 1More.

You can choose from four color variants, and depending on which one you pick up, you can save up to 50%.

  • You save: Up to $9 (45%) – the deal price on select variants is $11 instead of $20.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers.
  • Valid: N/A.

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Save 20% on bamboo bathtub reading stand

Bamboo bathtub holder with reading stand

Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this multifunctional bathtub table comes with a “fail-safe” holder you can use to place a print book or your Kindle.

Expandable arms should fit any tub. While the sides are extended, the tray stays firmly in place. There is also a cup holder and a shelf for snacks.

This Amazon Choice product is now discounted by 20%.

  • You save: $10 (the deal price is $39.99 instead of $49.99).
  • Status: For all Amazon customers.
  • Valid: N/A.

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Save on a multi-angle pillow reading stand

Tablet e-reader pillow reading stand

We love this new type of pillow stand introduced recently by Lamicall! Opposite to other pillow stands, it’s two-sided and offers as many as six viewing angles, enabling you to use an iPad or read a book in the most comfortable position no matter where you are.

The stand is offered in four desaturated colors that will fit your living room, reading nook, or bedroom.

  • You save: $5 when you apply the current coupon.
  • Status: For all Amazon customers.
  • Valid: N/A.

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How to find current bookish deals on Amazon?

Thousands of products are offered at reduced prices every day, not only during Prime Day event. Most of them don’t even make it to Gold Box list. How to find them, and how to limit the results to products book lovers would like to get?

We have used advanced search options available on Amazon to craft lists with affordable book-related products:

Bookish Amazon Handmade items for $25 or less – items in the Amazon’s section with vintage and handmade goods that are related to a search phrase “book lovers” and cost no more than $25.

Best-rated Kindle books on sale – the list of current monthly deals in the Kindle Store modified to show the best-rated books on the top.

Today’s book deals with the lowest prices – this list of active deals for print books, Kindle books, and Audible audiobooks shows the books with the lowest prices first.

Current deals on Amazon devices – currently active deals on new and refurbished devices from Amazon, including Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets.

Gifts for book lovers under $25 in Home & Kitchen – a list of products in Home & Kitchen category, which cost less than $25 and are sorted by popularity.

⇢ Prime Day 2020

Check out other popular lists:

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