Olde Book – backpacks, purses, and messenger bags that look like vintage books

Olde Books Purse by Think Geek

Olde Book – fashion items that can hold real books, designed and offered exclusively by Think Geek.

Reading is fundamental to style. If you want to express you love books, make sure to check out a series of fashion items from Think Geek, and online store that lures geeks of all kinds, offering toys, gadgets, computer peripherals, and clothing.

The company sells a couple of products – backpacks, purses, and messenger bags – in the line called Olde Book. What they have in common is that they look like classic books.

For instance, Olde Book Backpack looks like a book and can hold many real books. “It has a padded pouch for your tablet or laptop, plus hard (but flexible) sides to protect your stuff from the slings and arrows of everyday life.”

There is also Olde Book Messenger Bag. It measures 16 × 13 × 5 inches, and you can use it as a purse, a small tote, or a smaller laptop case. If you like the idea of having a messenger bag that looks like a real book, make sure to check out literary messenger bags from Kru Kru Studio.

So, which of these Olde Books you love the most?

⇢ Think Geek

Olde Book series by Think Geek


Olde Book Backpack by Think Geek

Olde Book Backpack. “Imagine how popular you’ll be amongst all the kids with your new book bag, quite literally.”


Olde Book Messenger Bag by Think Geek

Olde Book Messenger Bag. “Imagine how popular you’ll be amongst all the kids with your new book bag, quite literally.”


Olde Book Spellbook Billfold by Think Geek

Olde Book Spellbook Billfold. “Whether or not you believe in witchcraft, you have to admit that on more than one occasion, you have been enchanted in the act of reading.”


Olde Book Purse by Think Geek

Olde Book Purse. “It looks like an old leather-bound volume you’d find in your grandmother’s library, but it functions like a handbag.”

Via Laughing Squid.

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