Millennials still count on print for information and inspiration (infographic)

Millennials still love print - full infographic
Print can evoke emotions and influence thinking

A new survey conducted by Canon reveals that 47% of Americans would feel sad in a world without print.

Earlier this year, Canon USA launched Print for Action Initiative aimed at highlighting that print materials – be it postcards, books, magazines or stationery – still remain an influential medium.

An important part of the action is a survey conducted by Ipsos to find out consumers’ perception and use of printed materials, as well as “importance of print in the minds of tomorrow’s business leaders.”

The survey reveals that print medium has a favorable influence in many aspects of the lives of Americans. It confirms that Millennials prefer print books to digital books.

According to Canon / Ipsos survey, as much as 48% of Millennials turn to books to relax. It’s the second most desired activity, behind watching streaming services (56%).

Nearly half of Millennials surveyed say reading a book makes them feel the most relaxed compared to activities like exercising (37%), cooking (37%) and meditating (21%).

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Millennials still love print - full infographic

Via Canon USA Press Room.

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