Michael Hart in 1998 about what we know now as tablets (quote)

Michael S. Hart quote

Michael Stern Hart is a legendary founder of Project Gutenberg, the longest-established ebook project in the world, and the creator of a first ebook ever.

On top of what Michael Hart did to fight for literacy in digital times, and to preserve public domain works and resources, he was a true tech visionary. In the interview for Wired Magazine, dating back to November 1998, when asked whether he was creating ebooks so that people could print them out, he answered:

No. Nobody’s going to print these books out. 20 or 30 years from now, there’s going to be some gizmo that kids carry around in their back pocket that has everything in it – including our books, if they want.

No doubt, this is the description of tablets, as we know them now. Michael Hart was wrong only in one thing – the times kids will be carrying tablets with ebooks have come sooner than he thought.

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