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Best love quotes - literature's most beautiful passages about love

30 best love quotes from literature

Love quotes from the world’s favorite books. By Jane Austen, André Gide, Roald Dahl, Paulo Coelho, Jodi Picoult, and Elizabeth Gilbert. Worth sharing not only with your loved ones, and not only during Valentine’s Day.

Famous quotes about books illustrated by Simini Blocker

Famous book quotes on infinitely charming posters by Simini Blocker

Some of the world’s most popular quotes about books are beautifully illustrated by a New York-based graphic designer Simini Blocker.

Infographics with famous quotes from books and literature

15 infographics with the best quotes from literature

The most popular quotes from famous books and by famous authors visualized as easy-to-share infographics.

Book quotes beautifully illustrated by Risa Rodil

12 book quotes beautifully illustrated by Risa Rodil

The world’s favorite book quotes have now the look they deserve. Find here quotes by J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Frank Zappa, and Dr. Seuss.

Home-made quotes about book libraries reading

30 new quotes about books, libraries, and reading

We all know great quotes about books that come from classic authors. If you, however, need more inspiration, you may find it in this list.

50 of the most inspirational quotes from books and literature

50 most inspirational quotes from books

An extended list of the most inspirational book quotes of all time: J.K. Rowling, Sylvia Plath, Oscar Wilde, Neil Gaiman, John Green, among others.

Inspiring quotes from books, comics, and movies #infographic

42 quotes for success from books, comics, and movies (infographic)

This infographic showcases smart advice from fictional characters that could help you achieve real success. Following life advice from famous fictional characters, we are delighted…

Minimalist posters with quotes from famous writers

Minimalist posters with quotes from famous writers (pictures)

Evan Robertson is a talented designer from New York, famous for his series of minimalist, black and white posters with inspiring quotes…

Most interesting #quotes about #books and #reading in the digital era

Most interesting quotes about books in the digital age

A collection of quotes about ebooks, books and reading in digital times, as well as the future of publishing.

Mark Zuckerberg about books - quote

Mark Zuckerberg about books versus today’s media (quote)

A New Year resolution of Mark Zuckerberg is to focus on books. The founder of Facebook decided to read in 2015 one book per week.…

Brilliant quotes about books, visualized

Book quotes in images – 25 brilliant thoughts about books, visualized

A selection of the best book quotes in images you can easily share on social media networks.

50 best quotes from #booklovers

50 timeless quotes from book-loving authors

Timeless quotes about books, libraries and reading, collected from The Book-Lovers’ Anthology, published by Oxford University Press in 1911.

50 most motivating #quotes about #books and #reading

50 motivating quotes about books and reading

A list of most wonderful and motivating quotes about books and reading. Some of them are beautifully visualized by top designers.

Design Different shop on Etsy offers beautiful minimalist posters with quotes from famous authors

12 minimalist posters with quotes from famous authors (pictures)

A set of beautiful posters with inspirational quotes from famous authors: Oscar Wilde, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Albert Camus, and more. Created by Design Different.

15 wonderful quotes about libraries… in libraries (pictures)

These brilliant images combine human wisdom with where it originates from. All quotes were collected and images designed by Daniel Dalton, writer…

Never judge the book by its movie - a quote by J.W. Eagan. Who is this person?

Who is J.W. Eagan, the author of one of the most popular book quotes?

‘Never judge the book by its movie’ by J.W. Eagan is one of the most popular book quotes on the web. Do you know its author? Don’t even try to quickly search the web for it. This time Google won’t give you an answer.

Best quotes about Christmas from literature

20 greatest Christmas quotes from literature

A list of most wonderful Christmas quotes taken from your favorite books. J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, and more.

50 best #technology #quotes

50 most popular technology quotes

A list of the top technology quotes. You can share the best ones as images.

Best quotes about books, libraries, technology

Books, libraries, and technology in 25 quotes that never get outdated

Quotes on books, libraries, and technology – where all three areas meet. You can share the quotes as images.

Michael S. Hart quote

Michael Hart in 1998 about what we know now as tablets (quote)

Michael Stern Hart is a legendary founder of Project Gutenberg, the longest-established ebook project in the world, and the creator of a…