Literacy in the mobile era (infographic)

Literacy in the mobile era - infographic

UNESCO has published a very interesting report, Reading in the mobile era, that highlights how inexpensive mobile phones can be used in developing countries to improve literacy and facilitate reading.

Worldwide 774 million people cannot read, and one of the major reasons is the lack of books. Inexpensive mobile phones can be an essential tool to improve the situation.

Info: The report is available as a free pdf document. ⇢ Download

Hundreds of thousands of people in Nigeria, Ethiopia or Pakistan already use their mobiles as a portal to text, and most importantly, read full-length books on them, even on small-screen feature phones.

The report describes the habits and demographic profiles of people who read books on mobile phones in seven developing countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda and Zimbabwe. It also shares strategies to better leverage inexpensive mobile devices to facilitate reading in countries where literacy rates are low.

Common in areas where books are scarce, inexpensive mobile phones can bring reading material to all. Let’s ensure technology makes illiteracy a relic of the past.

The infographic show above, designed by Ben Stanford, includes most important facts and figures from the report.

Having in mind that millions of large smartphone users in the first world countries don’t use their devices for reading, because “the screen is too small”, a program to encourage them to read would be also needed.

Via Visually.

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