How to improve literacy through summer learning (infographic)

Improve literacy skills - best practices

The infographic explains how you can improve your literacy skills during summer.

Summer is the long-awaited time when you can enjoy life to the fullest: hanging out with friends, traveling, or devoting full attention to the hobby.

But summer is also a great time for books. Most people read purely for pleasure, and try finish the titles on their summer reading lists.

However, being aware of a couple of simple facts and practices will let you come back to daily tracks with much-improved literacy skills.

Take a look at the infographic prepared by Achieve3000, a company that offers advanced solutions to accelerate literacy.

The visual focuses on the benefits of taking part in the company’s summer reading program, but it also includes best practices for successful summer reading.

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How to improve literacy through summer reading #infographic

Via Achieve3000 on Twitter.

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