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How to learn a language based on four common skills (infographic)

Learn foreign language effectively

The new infographic shows how to combine reading, listening, speaking, and writing to learn a foreign language faster and more effectively.

If you are determined to learn a foreign language, and want to find a more effective way to do so, check out a new infographic created by the Language Trainers Group, a platform providing individually tailored language lessons.

The key to success is to effectively combine various skills. Reading a foreign language text gives better results if you combine it with speaking. Speaking is better if you combine it with writing

The best part of trying new methodologies is that you can improve more than one skill at a time. So, you could, for example, read aloud a text in your target language. In this way, you will improve your reading and pronunciation skills.

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How to learn a language with for common skills - full infographic

Via Interpro blog.

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