Almost 50 great Kindle reads are up to 80% off for Labor Day

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Great Kindle deals for Labor Day 2018

Today only, you can save even 80% on select Kindle books / Collage: Amazon

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco is available for only $2.99. Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark costs $1.99.

Labor Day is in the United States on Monday, September 3, 2018. To celebrate it, Amazon has revealed a selection of 46 interesting Kindle books that can be grabbed for prices squeezed to $0.99 – $3.99.

The deal is a part of today’s Amazon Gold Box, and you have to hurry up, because it will expire today, at 11:59 pm PDT.

Among the featured titles, you will find a novel by Umberto Eco, famous for its movie adaptation directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and starring Sean Connery. Yes, it’s The Name of the Rose. Eco’s debut novel is set in the 14th-century Italy and follows a murder mystery in a Benedictine monastery.

The Name of the Rose received several literary awards and took the 14th place on the list of the 100 Books of the 20th century by Le Monde. The novel was translated to English by William Weaver. Today the Kindle edition costs only $2.99, down by almost $10, from $11.99.

Once again it turns out Kindle Daily Deal can be a great discovery tool. The low price draws your attention to books you would otherwise miss in the flood of millions of other titles.

I’ve just discovered the debut novel by the duo of national security experts: P.W. Singer and August Cole – Ghost Fleet. The page-turner was released in 2015 and imagines a war set in the very near future. According to USA Today, it’s “modern-day successor to tomes such as The Hunt for Red October from the late Tom Clancy.”

The regular price of Ghost Fleet is $11.99, but today you can get it for $2.99.

Other books worth recommending are:

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