Here are all Kindle Unlimited deals to grab ahead of Cyber Monday 2022

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Kindle Unlimited deals Cyber Monday 2022 - complete list
Kindle Unlimited deals for Cyber Monday 2022 – the complete list / Image: Amazon

Get the 3-month Kindle Unlimited subscription for $0.99 and save $30. Plus save up to $40 with the purchase of Kindle e-readers or bundles.

These days, every penny counts. You can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or reactivate your membership any time, but why you should not benefit from a dedicated Cyber Monday 2022 deal?

Most deals on digital content, such as music, games, ebooks, or audiobooks, are usually revealed on Cyber Monday, not Black Friday. This is the day when the biggest sale of Kindle ebooks will take place, so mark November 28, 2022, in your calendar.

However, the deals on Kindle Unlimited are activated before Cyber Monday – and sometimes even before Black Friday.

And sometime Amazon doesn’t even inform about them, relying solely on email newsletters and alerts sent to current and former Kindle Unlimited members.

Kindle Unlimited deal without devices

A standalone Kindle Unlimited deal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 / Screenshot: Amazon

If you already have a Kindle, but want to save on the Kindle Unlimited subscription itself, you can already grab the dedicated Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 deal. It won’t get any better – the rule is that deal conditions don’t improve over time.

Get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99 – go to the sign-up page of Kindle Unlimited and log in with your Amazon credentials. Without logging in, you won’t see the offer.

Here, you will also see Kindle Unlimited book recommendations tailored only for you. They are based on your Amazon search and purchase history.

Click on the “Join Kindle Unlimited” button to start your membership. The deal will let you save almost $30, as the subscription costs $9.99 per month.

Kindle Unlimited deals with devices

Each Kindle model comes with the free 3 or 4-month Kindle Unlimited plans / Images: Ebook Friendly

If you plan to buy a Kindle this Black Friday, be it the newest entry-level model, Kindle Paperwhite 6.8, or even the revolutionary Kindle Scribe, keep in mind that they come with free Kindle Unlimited plans.

Kindle Unlimited is bundled with Kindle models, regardless of the variant you choose. It’s also included in Kindle bundles.

Get 4 months of free Kindle Unlimited with the purchase of Kindle 11 – the newest entry-level Kindle model comes with the high-resolution display, front-light, and USB-C charging. You save $40 – the total value of 4 months of Kindle Unlimited purchased separately.

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Get 3 months of free Kindle Unlimited with the purchase of Kindle Paperwhite 5 – this model combines most-desired features with a reasonable price. The Kindle Unlimited offer bundled with Paperwhite is 3 months for free, not four, so your saving is $30.

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Get 3 months of free Kindle Unlimited with the purchase of Kindle Oasis 3 – the Oasis gets the highest price cut this Black Friday, and when you add $30 from Kindle Unlimited, you can save $125 for the variant which regularly costs $250.

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Get 4 months of free Kindle Unlimited with the purchase of Kindle Scribe – the Scribe costs $339 for the entry-level variant (Basic Pen + 16 GB). Your Kindle Unlimited savings are $40. And when you buy the bundle, you can save $80 in total.

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Here are Kindle models and bundles that are currently available at lower prices.

Kindle Unlimited deals – tips

▸ If you buy the Kindle and register it with your Amazon account, you will receive an email with Kindle Unlimited activation. Follow the instructions to start your membership.

▸ When the Kindle Unlimited promotion period ends, your credit card will be automatically charged with the first monthly fee of $9.99.

▸ You can avoid paying the regular fee when you cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription any time during the promotional period.

▸ For a long time, you were limited to downloading up to 10 eligible books to your connected devices, but that limit has been increased to 20 titles.

▸ I have also double-checked other Amazon products. There are no Kindle Unlimited deals bundles with either Amazon Fire tablets or Echo smart speakers.

▸ Any time, you can check out new books in the Kindle Unlimited catalog without signing up.

▸ Kindle Unlimited books are among the Top 100 bestsellers in literature & fiction category.

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