Black Friday 2022: you can save $80 on Kindle Scribe, anyway

Save $80 on Amazon Kindle Scribe in 2022
You can save $80 on Amazon Kindle Scribe without any Black Friday 2022 price cut / Image: Amazon

There will be no Black Friday price deal for the newest Kindle Scribe. But if you really want this reading and note-taking beast for Christmas, you will keep $80 in your wallet anyway.

Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s most innovative device in years. It has a large 10.2-inch high-resolution display, asymmetric Oasis-style glass front, battery-free pen, and several templates for handwritten notes.

The Scribe was announced on September 28, 2022, and was available for pre-order immediately. The launch date is November 30 – five days after Black Friday 2022.

And that’s the problem. No Amazon device had ever been offered at a reduced price before the official launch date. Don’t expect the price of Kindle Scribe to drop below $300 when you browse Amazon during the Black Friday 2022 weekend.

As you know, most Black Friday price deals are just an illusion. But consumers are still shopping a lot, even though they know they only save 5% instead of 50%. The reason they buy is that they have a reason to buy.

“I bought it on Black Friday.” No questions asked. Someone has hunted for a good deal.

So, during Black Friday 2022, Kindle Scribe will be offered at a regular price – $339.99 for the variant with 16 GB of storage and basic pen.

No savings at all? There are some good news. You will keep in your wallet even $80 if you buy Kindle Scribe for a regular price.

How to save on Kindle Scribe during Black Friday 2022?

$40 to save on Kindle Unlimited – the 4-month Kindle Unlimited plan is included with the Scribe for free. The subscription costs $9.99 per month. Here is a catalog of Kindle Unlimited eligible books.

$40 to save on the Kindle Scribe bundle – right now, you can keep $40 in your pocket if you buy Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle. It includes the Scribe with the Basic Pen, the fabric cover, and the power adapter. The price is set at $380 – $40 less than the sum of all elements bought separately.

Keep in mind that Kindle models don’t come with a power adapter anymore. If you need a new charger, you will have to buy it separately. Or you can get a Kindle bundle.

Kindle Scribe bundle Black Friday 2022
Kindle Scribe bundle is a way to save $80 / Image: Amazon

If you decide to get the Kindle Scribe Fabric Cover Essentials Bundle with Basic Pen and 16 GB storage, you will pay $380 instead of $460.

If you go for the Kindle Scribe Leather Cover Essentials Bundle with Premium Pen and 16 GB storage, you will spend $430 instead of $510.

Pre-ordered Kindle Scribe models and bundles will start shipping on November 30, 2022, so you will have yours before Christmas.

When to expect price cuts on the Kindle Scribe?

First, it’s possible to see additional incentives to buy Kindle Scribe during Black Friday 2022 or immediately after its launch.

The free Kindle Unlimited plan may be extended to six months. The prices of Kindle Scribe bundles may go down by $20-$40 more. All depends on how well the device sells.

If you are waiting for a real price cut on the Kindle Scribe, it should be available at the beginning of 2023 the soonest.

Most probably, any reasonable Kindle Scribe price discount will be offered by Amazon in March 2023, during National Reading Month.

For more details, you can read my detailed Kindle Scribe pros and cons overview.

If you want to check out current prices of Kindle e-readers and models, go to Amazon Device Deals – a lesser-known section of the Amazon online store.

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