Case covers for Kindle Oasis 2 that you might have missed

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Case covers and sleeves for Kindle Oasis 2 (9th-generation Kindle, 2017 release)

Kindle Oasis 2 is a unique device and not too many cases are available for it. We’ve found the best ones for you.

The 7-inch, waterproof and Audible-ready 2nd-generation Kindle Oasis was released in October 2017. It’s also known as the 9th-generation Kindle.

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No matter how you call it, this is the most advanced and unique Kindle produced so far. It’s Amazon’s first device that is waterproof. It meets IPX8 water resistance rating.You can keep it two meters under the fresh water for one hour, and no damage will be done.

The new e-reader has many benefits and unique features. One of them is asymmetric design. The idea is to shift the center of gravity to one side – the one you take in your hand. As a result, the reader can be used one-handed conveniently for long hours.

The asymmetric design, however, has one significant side effect. There won’t be too many case covers to choose from.

The top-shelf, expensive e-reader won’t be as popular as the entry-level Kindle. And the design is so different that it needs a different approach to case design. As a result, not too many third-party producers will be willing to offer cases designed specifically for Kindle Oasis 2.

Luckily, our favorite brands, MoKo and Fintie, already offer Kindle Oasis 2 case covers. Most importantly, the number of available color options at hand is much broader than three offered for Amazon’s original Oasis case (Charcoal, Indigo, Sandstone, and Genuine Leather).

Therefore, it’s good to think about the sleeve. The main benefit of the sleeve or jacket is the fact that you put it aside when you start reading. You can take the Kindle to the bathtub, and the sleeve will stay away from water.

The best place to shop sleeves for the second-generation Kindle Oasis is Etsy – the world’s favorite marketplace for hand-made, insanely colorful and cozy things.

Kindle Oasis dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) 6.3 × 5.6 × 0.33 159 × 141 × 8.3
Kindle Oasis 1 (2016) 5.6 × 4.8 × 0.33 143 × 122 × 8.5

Tip: Getting a “universal cover” is not a good idea for Kindle Oasis 2017. The device is wider than most devices with 7-inch displays. Therefore, a universal case for 7 or even 8-inch tablets will be too narrow for the Oasis 2.

If we spot any new case or sleeve for the second-generation Kindle Oasis, we’ll surely add it to the list below. Have we missed anything? Don’t hesitate to reach us and share your recommendations.

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Best case covers for Kindle Oasis 2 (2017)


MoKo Slim Case for Kindle Oasis 2 2017 release

MoKo Slim Case for Kindle Oasis 2 (2017). If not the original case then what? Take a look at the slim case newly released by our favorite third-party case brand, MoKo. The case supports auto sleep/wake function and adds minimal bulk to the already extremely light Oasis.

Please keep in mind that the case does not include the built-in stand. However, you will be able to use the Oasis one-handed, as the front covers folds back completely.

The MoKo case is available in six colors; bright designs are among them. We love the Starry Night, featured above. Lucky Tree is the most popular design from MoKo, and you can also get it in the Oasis case. ⇢ Amazon – $16.99.


Ratesell Kindle Oasis 2 2017 Case Cover is available in several colors

Ratesell Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) Case Cover. Here is another affordable alternative to original Oasis 2017 case from Amazon. A brand called Ratesell offers a variety of designs in a simple and light case that supports the auto sleep/wake function, thanks to the built-in magnet.

Please be aware that despite what’s written in the description (“folding stand cover”) this case doesn’t look like being able to offer the stand functionality.

There are as much as seventeen colors and designs to choose from – the largest range so far for the 2017 Kindle Oasis. Popular case designs are on the list: Lucky Tree, Cubes, Eiffel Tower (shown above), and Marble. ⇢ Amazon – $9.50.


Wise Stitch Kindle Oasis 2017 Gray Felt Sleeve

Wise Stitch Kindle Oasis 2017 Gray Felt Sleeve. This premium-looking sleeve is hand-crafted from 4 mm felt and genuine leather. Felt is soft and durable, and it will increase the level of protection against scratches, bumps, or dirt. The sleeve closes with metal buttons.

Wise Stitch offers on Etsy a number of Kindle felt sleeves. There are many different variants to choose from!

When making an order, make sure to provide the name and dimensions of your Kindle Oasis – write down this info in a “message to seller” box. ⇢ Etsy – $21.99.


MoKo Slimline Case in Rose Gold for Champagne Gold Kindle Oasis 2

MoKo Slimline Case in Rose Gold. This slimline and lightweight case from MoKo has something that makes it a perfect companion for Kindle Oasis 2 in Champagne Gold. It’s the transparent back shell made of a high-quality translucent frosted plastic.

The case comes in a few colors of the front cover. Among them you will find Rose Gold. ⇢ Amazon – $13.99.


Tasha Two Linen Sleeve for second-generation Kindle Oasis 2017

Tasha Two Linen Sleeve for Kindle Oasis 2. This minimalist sleeve from Tasha Two might be a perfect match for the style of the newest top-shelf Kindle.

The sleeve is made of premium dark-grey linen and has a 2 mm felt padding to protect from scratches.

The case is made to order. Make sure to leave a message to seller with the name of your Kindle and device’s exact dimensions. Tasha Two offers sleeves in different colors of linen (light gray among them) and felt accents. ⇢ Etsy – $17.50.


ACdream Kindle Oasis 2017 Leather Sleeve

ACdream Kindle Oasis 2017 Leather Sleeve. One of our favorite items on this list is a sleeve offered on Amazon by ACdream. It’s not only stylish but also functional.

Having a large compartment that will easily fit the 2017 Kindle Oasis, the sleeve also offers a smaller one for your smartphone and documents or credit cards. Plus there is a zipped pocket which is perfect for Bluetooth earphones.

The sleeve is made of genuine leather and comes in five colors. We prefer the classic look of Black and Brown versions, but you can get glossier Rose Gold or Purple Star of Paris. ⇢ Amazon – $12.99.


Cinnamon Cocoon Felt and Leather Kindle Oasis 2 Sleeve

Cinnamon Cocoon Felt and Leather Kindle Oasis 2 Sleeve. This is the most luxurious sleeve in this overview, although its price is still far below the level of iPad cases, for instance.

The sleeve is hand-crafted from high-quality German 100% merino wool felt and Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. The main compartment will provide protection for your Kindle Oasis 2, while you can keep your smartphone, wallet, and accessories in the extra compartment in front.

When placing an order, make sure to select “Kindle Oasis 2” in the drop-down list. ⇢ Etsy – $54.99.


Walnew Suede Sleeve for Kindle Oasis 2 (2017)

Walnew Suede Sleeve for Kindle Oasis 2 (2017). Do you want a sleeve, but it needs to be simple and stylish. What about the minimalist design from Walnew? The sleeve is the simplest possible way to protect your Kindle Oasis on the go.

It has a soft lining inside and closes with a magnet (as this is a sleeve, the magnet does not work together with auto sleep/wake). The elegant look is guaranteed by using a soft and well-textured suede that gives an enjoyable soft-touch feeling.

The sleeve is available in four colors: Gray, Khaki (shown above), Pink, and Light Blue. ⇢ Amazon – $7.99.


Julia Cute Sleeve for Kindle Oasis 2nd-generation released in 2017

Julia Cute Sleeve for Kindle Oasis 2 (2017). This is the cutest thing you can accessorize your Oasis 2 with.

This awesome sleeve was hand-crafted by Julia Cute. It’s made of three layers: smooth inside lining, fleece for softness and safety cover, and a beautiful decorative fabric on the outside.

You can order the sleeve in one of three design options: Cat, Bear, or Bunny. I know you’ll have problems picking up the cutest one! When placing an order, select “custom-made size” and provide the dimensions of Kindle Oasis 2. ⇢ Etsy – $32.


Fintie Kindle Oasis 2nd-generation Smart-shell Case Cover

Fintie Kindle Oasis 2nd-generation Smart-shell Case Cover. Maybe we should have started with this cover, as it represents the most sought-after style – the classic leather perfectly fitting the feel of the home library.

Designed exclusively for the 2nd-generation Kindle Oasis released in 2017, the case looks like being made of the genuine leather but it’s just a polyurethane that successfully mimics it. The support for sleep/wake and microfiber interior are a standard. No stand functionality – I guess it’s not easy to develop the case stand to fit the asymmetric shape of Kindle Oasis 2.

Besides the Brown Leather, you can pick up one of seven more colors. ⇢ Amazon – $16.99.

Bonus accessory

Nupro 2-Pack Kindle Oasis 2 Screen Protector

Nupro 2-Pack Kindle Oasis 2 Screen Protector. The newest high-end Kindle e-reader can withstand water, but it’s vulnerable to scratches just like any other e-reader.

But you can easily fix it by adding a screen protector. The set from Nupro includes two screen protectors (they protect against scratches, smudges, and dirt), a cleaning cloth and applicator card. ⇢ Amazon – $12.99.

• • •

Where to buy the Kindle Oasis case?

Check out our favorite stores where you can find more examples of Kindle Oasis cases and accessories:

Amazon – Kindle owners shop on Amazon by default, but we advise not to only to check out the cases that are available in the Kindle Store. When you perform a search in the entire store, you’ll see dozens of other cases to consider.

Best Buy – the range of offered accessories is pretty limited, but the store is worth checking out if you want to buy a Kindle Oasis case or accessory at a reduced price.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable accessories. Sometimes, you can pick up here the case that’s the same as the branded one you’ve found on Amazon but costs two-thirds of the price. Worth checking if you’re interested in exploring budget options.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. There are a plenty of Kindle jackets and sleeves to choose from. If you want to get an insanely cute or uniquely stylish pouch – look no further than Etsy!

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Kindle Oasis, 2017 release, 2nd generation, waterproof, Audible ready

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) – waterproof, Audible ready

8 GB / Wi-Fi

The first waterproof Kindle
No more soggy pages with the all-new Kindle Oasis – it’s IPX8 rated to protect against immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. And it’s built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool.

Now with Audible
Now you can listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks on your Kindle—anytime, anywhere, while traveling, cooking, or when you just want to rest your eyes. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to move seamlessly from reading to listening. Available via a free over-the-air update.

Our largest, highest resolution display
Featuring our largest 7-inch 300 ppi display, Kindle Oasis fits over 30% more words per page for fewer page turns. Crisp, laser-quality text reads like real paper without glare, even in bright sunlight.

Ideal for one-handed reading
The ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book. Easily turn the page with either the touch display or dedicated page turn buttons. Whether you choose to read with your left or right hand, the page orientation automatically rotates to match.

Larger storage capacity
Kindle Oasis is now available in 8 GB or 32 GB. Carry even more titles with you.

Got you covered
Complete your Kindle Oasis experience with a protective premium leather or water-safe fabric cover. The slim, form-fitting cover opens like a book and is designed to closely wrap the bezel like a glove. Snapping securely in place magnetically, automatically wake your Kindle or put it to sleep by simply opening or closing.

⇢ Kindle $249.99

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