Join Audible and get 40% off three months of the audiobook membership

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Save 40% on three months of Audible membership program - pay $8.95 instead of $14.95

When you subscribe to Audible, you’ll pay $8.95/month for three continuous months.

In a series of efforts aimed at reducing the impact of the launch of Google audiobooks, Audible is offering a new deal to everyone who wants to try the membership program.

You can shop for Audible audiobooks in two ways. The traditional model enables you to buy books one by one. The subscription, which costs $14.95/month, will let you get one audiobook free of charge (regardless its regular price), and save 30% on other titles.

Two weeks ago, in response to Google, Audible was offering deals on almost 200 audiobooks.

The current promotion, on the other hand, is encouraging users to try the Audible subscription.

Typically, when you buy the Audible membership, you can test it for 30 days free of charge (and cancel any time during the trial period to avoid paying a penny). Plus you can get two audiobooks for free.

After 30 days, you will be charged for the first month of the subscription. The regular monthly fee is $14.95. The fee is higher than, for instance, for Kindle Unlimited, because audiobooks are more expensive than ebooks.

The new limited-time offer lets you save 40% on three months of Audible subscription. It means that instead of $14.95, you will be paying $8.95. You’ll enjoy the discount for three months, so the total saving is $18.

The February 2018 Audible deal is not the deepest we’ve seen. During Prime Day 2017, the 40% discount was offered for six months. It’s worth mentioning that this deal was only available to Prime members.

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