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14 incredible iPad case covers that look like real books

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The best iPad case covers and sleeves for book lovers
Reading books on the iPad is not the same as the paper book. You can make the experience more enjoyable by getting the book-like case or sleeve

For anyone who loves both books and technology, these awesome case covers and sleeves will turn the iPad into an object of utmost desire.

Many Apple users end up buying original iPad cases and accessories. Why need more when the Smart Folio offers the highest quality, right?

However, from the overpriced case you could expect more than just an Apple logo on the back. Something more personal? Something that would reflect the owner’s passions?

If you happen to be a book lover, you have probably tried to find the cases that give the feeling of holding and looking at the real paper book.

Custom merchandise sites like Zazzle, Society6, Redbubble or CafePress offer one or two case models with hundreds of custom designs. The best way to explore these sites is to search for a specific book or author (e.g. “Harry Potter,” “Oscar Wilde”), and narrow down the results by the medium type (for instance: “iPad case”).

On Etsy, the biggest online marketplace with handmade goods, you can find several literature-inspired iPad and iPhone cases. You will also have a chance to explore wonderful handmade leather sleeves.

If your nerdiness reached the level where you can only accept the iPad case that looks like the copy of your favorite book you own, try Caseable. Scan the cover, and use an online customization panel on Caseable to design your very own iPad case.

Let us know if you want to see here anything that’s not on the list, and we will explore the web to help you find it. You can reach us anytime on social media.

14 iPad case covers for book lovers

1. Vintage Book iPad Case Cover

Vintage Book iPad Case Cover

Calling the fans of tech accessories that bring together the best of the analog and digital world: this slim case for Apple iPad 9.7 is for you!

The case looks and feels like a vintage book. The bookish pattern is made both on the outside of the cover, but also on the inside.

This case design is one of the most popular on Amazon. You can also find it on eBay. It’s offered for several iPad models and by several sellers, so it’s good to check out both online stores for the most affordable option.

You can choose from four colors: Blue, Brown, Gray, and Red. We link to the version for iPad Pro 9.7 offered by Miniko.

⇢ Amazon – $17.99

2. Sherlock Holmes iPad Folio Case

Sherlock Holmes iPad Folio Case - all current models

Chiclit Designs offers on Etsy a folio stand case with the image resembling the book cover of Sherlock Holmes book.

The case is available in sizes that fit most currently offered iPad models, including the iPad Pro 10.5/11 and the 2018 9.7-inch regular iPad. A typical folio design enables the user to turn the case into a stand. The back of the book features one of the quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

In Chiclit Designs Etsy shop you can also order a personalized book cover for your iPad. Simply, put all you want to have in a message to seller.

⇢ Etsy – $64

3. Slimline Vintage Book Stand Case

Soke Vintage Book Slimline Case Cover for Apple iPad 9.7

From Soke comes a beautifully designed iPad case that doubles as a stand. You can fold the front to form the stand in either horizontal or vertical position.

Thanks to that, even the longest binge reading won’t make your hands tired of holding the iPad.

The text on the front says “Go your own way. Let’s others talk.”

This iPad stand case supports auto wake /sleep function, and offers a convenient internal pocket for your notes or library cards. It’s available in as much as seven vintage book colors (you’ll have to find them on Amazon separately, though).

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

4. Twelve South BookBook iPad Case

Twelve South BookBook iPad Case - for iPad and iPad Pro models

This legendary vintage book-style case for iPad had literally created the market for bookish iPad accessories. Many third-party case producers try to mimic the style and feel of Twelve South’s BookBook, but most often they fail to offer the same premium quality.

The case will make your iPad the most precious book you’ll ever hold in your hands. It has a built-in stand, convenient for reading books or comic books. The tablet is secured in place by a leather frame that gives access to all ports and buttons.

Made of genuine luxury leather in a few design options, it’s available for Apple’s current tablets, both the regular iPad and iPad Pro (including the 12.9-inch).

⇢ Amazon – $29.99

5. Fintie Antique Book Rotating iPad Stand

Fintie Antique Book Case for iPad Pro 12.9

This case combines the functionality of a rotating stand case with the feel and look of an old book bound in leather.

The case is, however, not made from genuine leather, but a special polyurethane material that ideally mimics the leather look. The case was designed to fit iPad Pro with the 12.9-inch display. It wakes up the tablet when you raise the front cover.

Dual-layer interior perfectly protects the tablet from dust and scratches. The rotating mechanism enables you to turn the case into a stand in both portrait and horizontal position.

⇢ Amazon – $22.99

6. “My Adventure Book” Tri-fold iPad Cover

My Adventure Book Tri-fold iPad Case

Among several wonderful iPad cases offered by Wonder Wild Studio on Etsy, we’ve selected this gorgeous design for book lovers – My Adventure Book.

The case offers the standard tested tri-fold structure that lets the owner use the iPad as a stand, both in horizontal and vertical position.

The textile pattern and the beautifully designed title “My Adventure Book” are printed onto a lightweight PU material.

“My Adventure Book” cover is available for multiple Apple tablets, from iPad Mini, to iPad 9.7, to the latest iPad Pro models.

⇢ Etsy – $24.99

7. Distressed Leather iPad Pro Sleeve

Distressed Leather iPad Pro Sleeve

This multifunctional sleeve is a great option for anyone who loves to keep both the iPad and the book. An internal pocket on the left is perfect for the Apple tablet, while you can insert the book or notebook on the right side.

There are also smaller pockets for documents, cables, credit cards and pens. Several iPad models are on the list of supported devices, including iPad Pro 12.9.

⇢ Etsy – from $45

8. Genuine Leather Vintage Case for iPad 9.7

Icarecase Genuine Leather Vintage Case for iPad 9.7

If all you need to get the feel of an old book is a genuine leather, take a look at the case offered by Icarecase. It’s handmade of 100% pure vintage genuine cowhide leather.

Each piece of natural leather has its own veins and pores, so the texture of each case is unique. The entire case is made of leather, even the backshell – which is typically made of hard plastic.

The case is a typical folio design. It can be used as a stand, in both vertical and horizontal position.

The case is compatible with 9.7-inch iPad models.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99

9. “Book Your Case” iPad Zipper Sleeve

Book Your Case iPad Dual Zipper Sleeve

Here is an interesting alternative to case covers or leather sleeves – a zipper sleeve from Book Your Case. It’s made in such a way that a zipper (in white or beige) mimics inside pages, offering a look of a closed book.

The inside of the case is lined with a velvety soft interior to cushion your iPad inside. Dual zippers, with leather pulls, allow you to charge your iPad while it’s safely stored inside.

In Book Your Case Etsy shop, you can choose from several specific book covers, including 1984, Picture of Dorian Gray, A Game of Thrones, or The Neverending Story.

⇢ Etsy – $29.99

10. Composition Book iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Composition Book iPad Pro 12.9 Case

“Composition Book” is among most sought after iPad case designs on Amazon, and is offered by multiple case producers.

Fintie offers the design on a variety of cases, including book-style folio case or slimline tri-fold cover. Plus, there is also a version that sports a detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

The case you see on a picture above is designed exclusively for iPad Pro 12.9, and supports wireless charging of Apple Pencil 2.

⇢ Amazon – $14.95

11. Book-style Folio Stand iPad Case

Auaua iPad 9.7 Book-style Folio Stand Case

Here is another case that gives the feel of holding a notebook or book. It’s designed for Apple iPad 9.7 tablet and offers all you need to comfortably use it for watching, reading, and writing.

The case has a modern look with a thin stripe that enables to combine two faux leather materials in different colors and textures.

Looking for other color combinations? There are fifteen variants to choose from!

⇢ Amazon – $14.99

12. Crazy Horse iPad Pro Leather & Felt Sleeve

Crazy Horse iPad Leather and Felt Sleeve

Designed and hand-crafted by Crazy Horse, this luxury sleeve is made of classic saddle leather combined with thick 100% wool felt.

The case fits iPad Pro with an attached smart keyboard or iPad Air with smart cover. You can also get the sizes tailored to other iPad models.

There is an option to personalize the sleeve with a custom text. Just write it down in a message to seller when placing an order.

⇢ Etsy – $99

13. Edgar Allan Poe iPad Case Cover

Edgar Allan Poe iPad 2017 Case Cover

Something special for the lovers of Edgar Allan Poe who own iPad Pro 10.5 tablet.

This slim and lightweight case from Head Case Designs features a portrait of your beloved author in a 19th-century style book cover art.

Other vintage designs are also available.

⇢ Amazon – $36.99

14. Jane Austen iPad Case Covers

Jane Austen iPad case covers from Chiclit Designs

Fans of romance novels will fall in love with these cute case cover designs that look like new editions of the famous novels by Jane Austen.

Each case closes with a magnetic clasp and can be used as a stand. The iPad is held in place with a solid internal plastic shell that gives access to all ports and buttons. The case comes with a free screen protector.

Chiclit Designs offers currently four Jane Austen iPad covers: Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. You can get them for all current iPad models, both the regular line and iPad Pro. On the list of supported devices, you will see older tablets as well.

⇢ Etsy – $64

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Where can I buy iPad cases and covers?

Have you found the iPad case or sleeve that perfectly suits your needs? If not, make sure to explore these sites for more recommendations.

Amazon – the best site to find alternatives for the original iPad case. There are currently almost 9 million results for a search phrase “iPad case.” It’s a good destination if you are looking for third-party cases and sleeves – in a lot more color variants.

eBay – when you’ll go through the branded cases on Amazon, you’ll find out that many covers have a quite similar construction, and differ only in colors. On eBay, you can find the similar cases. Most of them are unbranded, and that means you’ll be able to buy them for a lower – sometimes much lower – price.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for hand-crafted items. You’ll find here tons of beautiful iPad sleeves and covers. Many of these cases can be customized to your needs. If you want to get a unique, insanely cute sleeve – look no further than Etsy.

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