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How to gift Audible Premium Plus membership

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Gift Audible Premium Plus membership plans

On Amazon, you can get Audible gift membership plans in two easy steps similar to buying gift cards – and you don’t have to be a registered Audible user to do that.

So far, if you wanted to gift an Audible audiobook, you had two options: you could gift a specific audiobook or you could buy an Audible gift card.

Now, you can also gift a pre-paid Audible subscription – with all the benefits it gives.

The best thing is that you don’t need to register for Audible platform to be able to gift one of its pre-paid membership plans. You can do it easily on Amazon, so all you need is an Amazon account which you most probably already have.

In August 2020, Audible introduced a new Kindle Unlimited like Audible Plus subscription. A popular Gold membership has been renamed to Audible Premium Plus.

Audible Premium Plus one gives unlimited access to Plus catalog, which includes original audio productions, podcasts, and documentary. It also gives one credit per month to exchange for any audiobook from Premium catalog.

You can read more about current Audible subscriptions before making a decision whether Audible Premium Plus is something a gift recipient would like to get.

How to gift Audible Premium Plus

1. Select Audible gift plan

Go to Audible Gift Membership Center on Amazon and select the pre-paid Audible Premium Plus plan you want to gift.

Gift Audible Premium Plus pre-paid membership

There are four plans you can choose from. The 3-month plan is selected by default, and it’s the most popular option. It’s a reasonable balance between price and benefits.

Each month, the member will get one credit that she or he could exchange for any audiobook from the vast Audible catalog of almost 500,000 titles, including the latest releases and all-time bestsellers.

On top of that, Audible Premium Plus members get unlimited access to Plus catalog, a library of over 11,000 audio productions with a total length of 68,000 hours.

  • 1-month for $15 – 1 credit plus unlimited access to Plus catalog.
  • 3-month for $45 – 3 credits plus unlimited access to Plus catalog.
  • 6-month for $90 – 6 credits plus unlimited access to Plus catalog.
  • 12-month for $150 – 12 credits plus unlimited access to Plus catalog.

Please note that the price of the gift membership is not lower than a regular one, so there are no savings to be made here. To be precise: one-month Audible Premium Plus gift costs $15 compared to $14.95 if you buy it for yourself.

2. Customize Audible gift membership

In the second step, you will be able to customize the Audible gift before making it ready to give. It’s quite similar to buying Amazon gift cards.

How to gift Audible subscription - customize your gift

There are three options to play with.

  • Delivery method – you can pick up either email or print. If you choose “Print,” you will be able to print out the customized design.
  • Design – you can see twelve ready-to-use designs right away, but once you click “See all” at the bottom, you will see a few more. This list will surely be growing.
  • Delivery date – when you select “Email” as a delivery method, you can set up what dat the email should reach the gift recipient.

Once you are done with customization, click on the “Continue to checkout” button in the bottom right.

If you decide to gift Audible membership by email, Amazon will send to the recipient the gift together with easy redemption instructions.

The recipient can start the new Audible Premium Plus membership and exchange the first credit for a first audiobook right away.

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