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3 easy ways to find Prime Day eligible deals on Amazon

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Best ways to find Prime Day eligible items on Amazon

Explore a dedicated Prime Day subpage, find relevant information on product pages, or use Amazon Shopping app, are the best ways to make sure you won’t miss any interesting Prime Day deal

Checking out the Prime Day landing page is not the only way to explore the best deals available exclusively for Prime members.

Year over year, hundreds of thousands of products are offered exclusively for subscribers of Amazon Prime program during an exclusive shopping event which takes place at the beginning of summer – Prime Day.

The event is no longer limited to 24 hours on the second Tuesday of July. Early Prime Day deals become available right after Amazon announces the date of the upcoming event – and it can happen even two weeks earlier.

How to grab the best deals? We’ve got a detailed list of Amazon Prime Day tips and tricks, and below we will take a closer look at the most important task – making sure you won’t miss the deal you want.

Finding Prime Day deals on the products you want to buy will help you decide whether it is reasonable to sign up for Prime to take advantage of the currently offered deals.

Keep reading, and you will learn how to find the Prime Day deal on the product you need to buy, not the one you are tempted to buy.

1. Explore official Prime Day landing page

How to find Prime Day eligible items - visit a special subpage of Amazon store

Finding Prime Day eligible deals – Option 1: explore a dedicated Prime Day homepage / Image: Amazon

Every year, a special subpage of Amazon’s online store goes live at the beginning of July. It’s a directory of the best Amazon Prime Day deals.

First deals start to appear the moment Amazon reveals details of the upcoming event. The offers are usually grouped by product categories, such as electronics, home decor, apparel & personal accessories, or everyday products. You can also find here deals from featured brands and partners.

Usually, at the top of the list, you will see deals on Amazon devices and services: Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers and other Alexa-powered devices.

The Prime Day landing page gets bigger and bigger. You can expect practical information, including tips on how to get ready for Prime Day, shopping hints, and lists of best selling items.

The starting page of Amazon Prime Day deals puts together dozens of products and product categories. These are the items Amazon wants you to buy. But do you really need them?

There are hundreds of thousands of deals across the entire Amazon store that you are, as a Prime member, eligible to buy.

At the bottom of the Prime Day deals directory, you can sometimes find a list of products inspired by your browsing history. Some of these items, if they are Prime Day eligible, will appear here as well.

2. Check out Prime Day eligibility on a product page

A better way to grab best deals is to do it the other way round: first, find the product you want to buy, and then check out if it gets a Prime Day price cut.

During the Prime Day, explore the entire Amazon store to find something you need. When you visit its product page, you should usually be able to find information about its Prime Day status.

We’ve identified Amazon does it in two ways.

“Exclusively for Prime members”

Find Prime Day eligible deals on Amazon - see exclusivity information on a product page

Finding Prime Day eligible items – Option 2: look for Prime exclusivity on a product page

Instead of the pricing information at the right side, you will see the widget saying “Exclusively for Prime members.” Underneath, you will see a blue button “Try Prime free for 30 days.”

There is also pricing information under the product’s name: the regular price (“was”), the deal price (“Price”), and the saving.

“Join Prime to save”

Find Prime Day eligible deals on Amazon - see Prime discount on a product page

Finding Prime Day eligible deals – Option 2: look for “Join Prime to save” linked text

This information is harder to find, and it appears on pages with details of products that can be bought by all Amazon customers, not only Prime subscribers.

Under the name of the product, you will find a linked text saying “Join Prime to save (amount of money) on this item.” When you click on the link, a pop-up window will appear with the Prime membership details. Be careful – if you click “Start your 30-day free trial” button, your subscription will start immediately.

3. Watch Prime Day deals with Amazon Shopping app

How to find Prime Day deals - use Amazon Shopping app

Finding Prime Day eligible deals – Option 3: use Amazon Shopping app

Another way to track Prime deals – and Prime Day deals in particular – is getting a free Amazon Shopping app.

To get a sneak peek into Prime Day deals at the Amazon Shopping, make sure to allow the app to send you notifications. You will get notified when deals start by adding items to your shopping list on the app.

An alternative way to find the deals is to open the app during the Prime Day, and type “Sneak Peak” in the search box to see a list of the most popular or featured offers.

Amazon Shopping app is available for iPad and iPhone, as well as Android-powered phones and tablets.

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