How libraries are using social media (infographic)

Libraries and social media

If you are a person responsible in your library for social media, you will find this infographic helpful.

Librarians are incredibly open to new technologies. Dealing with social media is a proof how creative and flexible they can be.

TechSoup, a global platform providing support for charities and libraries, has released an infographic that takes a closer look at how modern libraries are using social media in promoting their services and communicating with patrons.

The visual was developed in cooperation with WebJunction. It puts together survey results from over 300 libraries throughout the US. It’s a great reference showing how your social media activities compare to standards.

The libraries were asked questions about how much time they spend on social media, how many followers or friends they have, or how frequently they post.

It turns out, 44% percent of libraries post daily on Facebook, and 25% on Twitter. Over a half of surveyed libraries (56%) spend less than 5 hours per week on social media.

How are libraries using social media? They share events and pictures, educate people about services, highlight their collections, and support other libraries.

Among the biggest social media challenges, the libraries mention growing follower base, administration, and measuring effectiveness.

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How libraries are using social media #infographic

Via TechSoup Forums.

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