Google Nexus 7 official case – review

Google Nexus 7 cover - front on red

There are a couple of solid  covers for the 7-inch Google Nexus (2013), but the official one, although a bit pricey, is one of the best options – if not the best.

The choice of good quality covers for Google Nexus is much smaller compared to what’s available for iPad or Kindle.

What’s more, producers of third-party covers claims they “fit” the certain model – but it usually means they fit all models with similar size and proportions.

Note: I haven’t received this case for review. I bought it, after spending a considerable amount of time to compare all available designs.

A case made by a producer of the device is a promise of 100% compatibility with no excuses. The perfect fit is a chance to chance to minimize the size and weight. This smaller the device the bigger this benefit becomes.

The case can be bought at Google Play Store for $49. Now you can get it on Amazon for around $38, which makes it a bit easier to swallow. The lower price applies only to Gray/Red variant. Other three colors sell for $49.

The case is sold by Google and fulfilled by Amazon. One important note, it ships to a much more countries than from Google Play Store. I bought it from Poland. On Google Play you’ll see this: “Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.”

Review of Google Nexus 7 official case


Rating: 5.0/5

Design is what speaks for itself. No matter how bad the pictures found on the web could be, this case has definitely one of the most stylish designs, not only among Google Nexus accessories.

Google Nexus 7 cover - front

It’s amazing how a little detail can change everything. It can change the perception of the entire case. I’m talking about a bright corner badge. It adds originality to the case without going too overwhelming. Really, you don’t need the case that is all red or pink or green to make it stand out from a busy crowd of “universal black leather covers”.

Having the outside fabric that is a natural-color jersey is also something rare in e-reader and tablet accessories. Leather – yes; faux leather – sure thing; microsuede – oh, yes. But a jersey with a natural feel? Actually, I haven’t seen that before.

And I know what I’m talking about. Here at Ebook Friendly, we pretty often share the greatest covers for all kinds of e-readers and tablets.

The case is being held in place by a solid plastic shell. It’s where the case stands out from the competition. The fact that plastic is only partly visible is a great idea. The surface on around 90% of the back panel is lowered. It’s where the jersey is glued. Thanks to that you don’t feel you keep a plastic case, but a fabric one.

Google Nexus 7 cover - back

With a bit of extravagance on the outside, the case reveals its intensity when you open it. The entire interior is covered with a microsuede in a color corresponding with a corner badge.

Google Nexus 7 cover - inside

If understatement is what you are looking for, a little four-color label sewed into the left edge of the front is what you should find appropriate.

Google Nexus 7 cover - label

Google Nexus 7 official case - 4 variants to choose from

Four variants to choose from

  • Gray/Red – natural jersey on the outside, red corner plus red interior made from microsuede, gray shell
  • Gray/Blue – natural jersey on the outside, blue corner and interior, gray shell
  • White/Red – white microsuede on the outside, red corner and interior, gray shell
  • Black – black microsuede (inside and outside), black shell


Rating: 4.0/5

When ordering the case I had two major doubts:

  • Whether the shell will fit perfectly – some users reported that it was not tight enough, and that the device was sliding out of it,
  • Whether the shell, which looks thick would not hinder access to switch and level buttons.

None of this appeared true.

Google Nexus 7 cover - buttons

The case weights 118.7g. It adds one-third of the weight to 290.2g of the Google Nexus itself.

I realized, however, that the weight and thickness should be considered in relation to the size of the device. Exactly the same design on a 10-inch tablet would feel more lightweight.

Below there are two pictures showing the thickness of Google Nexus in two positions of the case: closed and folded.

Google Nexus 7 cover - depth closed

Google Nexus 7 cover - depth folded

The official Google Nexus 7 cover can be turned into a stand. You can make it horizontal for typing, or vertical for watching. The case after being folded into a stand is stable, even in vertical position.

Google Nexus 7 cover - stand

Quite frankly, this option is not what I really needed. 7-inch tablets are too small to try to turn them into typing or watching machines, but on the other side: who know when we’ll need it.

An obvious task of every cover is a protection. The inside of Google Nexus 7 official case is made from a microsuede, which is important. It’s not only about being protected from outside conditions, but the nature of the microsuede itself – it is smooth and can’t cause scratches.


Rating: 4.0/5

While jersey is a great design idea, I wonder how durable it is. It may wear out sooner than other fabrics, especially in the spine, where jersey edges are not sewn, or protected in any other way.

Plus, I doubt jersey would be stain resistant. I’m not planning to spill coffee all over the case, but my wife can do it accidentally, so I’m sure I’ll know it sooner than later.

I have also two remarks about the quality of finish. The insertion of jersey into the back of the shell could be done more precisely.

Google Nexus 7 cover - glue

Maybe I’m a bloody perfectionist, but a sewing should be much better in more visible places, like the interior part of the front cover.

Google Nexus 7 cover - sewing


The official Google Nexus 7 is the best combination of the natural feel, solid protection and a bit of stylish originality.

Is it worth its price? I value the case at somewhere between $20 and $30. $10 more is something I can live with.

I really enjoy the case which is a best possible fit into the device, and best possible fit into my taste.

Total rating: 4.3/5

Google Nexus 7 cover - back on red

Google Nexus 7 case originalNexus 7 (2013) Case – Gray/Red

A super-functional case for your favorite tablet device.

Custom-molded to protect your Nexus 7, with a microsuede cover and built-in stand. Choose from four colors.

The first tablet case designed by Google specifically for the Nexus 7. Using the built-in stand, you can easily type an email, get on a Hangout, or watch the latest and greatest monkey-washing-a-cat video. We won’t judge.

It’s frustrating to get a case that doesn’t really work with your device, especially if it’s something you use every day. Google-designed cases are made to the exact specifications of your Google-designed technology—with a Google flag as a little salute to perfect fits.

  • Color: Jersey/Red Outside/Red Inside
  • Weight: 118.7g
  • Size: 203 x 120 x 15mm

Amazon $38.11

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