Access the full Audible Plus catalog without signing up

Audible Plus catalog full access

Is Audible Plus $7.95/month subscription worth it? It’s only as good as audiobooks you can get. Explore Audible Plus catalog before you start your membership.

Audible Plus is a new-generation subscription plan offered by Amazon-owned audiobook platform since August 2020. It gives unlimited access to eligible audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio publications the same way as Kindle Unlimited – you can enjoy, download, and keep the content as long as your subscription is active.

The new subscription plan changes the way you manage and listen to audiobooks. Old plans, Gold and Platinum, offered one or two credits per month to exchange for audiobooks. If you wanted to listen to more audiobooks than that, you had to buy them – at lower prices than non-members, but still buy it.

The new subscription lets you listen to as many audiobooks as you can for as long as you can. You can download several audiobooks to your Audible app and every time pick up the one that suits your mood the most. You are no longer limited to a few titles, and the perspective is not 10 or 20 audiobooks per year but dozens.

No matter how exciting $7.95/month unlimited audiobook streaming sounds, you have to keep in mind one essential fact: Audible Plus gives access to select audiobooks, not the entire content of the platform.

Plus members can access for free audiobooks included in a special catalog of eligible audiobook publications, called Plus.

Audible Plus catalog includes over 11,000 titles that offer over 68,000 hours of listening time in total. The rest of audiobooks – and there are over 450,000 of them – are included in Audible Premium catalog. Plus members will have to buy Premium audiobooks at the regular price because their subscription plan does not offer credits.

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Is Audible Plus membership worth it? You can start your 30-day Plus free trial right away and test it for yourself, but you can do a better thing – browse the Plus catalog without signing up. It will take a few minutes to find out if there are any interesting audiobooks you would like to listen to.

You can access Audible Plus catalog on Amazon, even if you are not a registered Audible subscriber. What’s more, you can see it even if you are not an Amazon customer.

Full Audible Plus catalog

The list displays Plus eligible audiobooks and podcasts sorted by featured. Most of the titles are produced by Audible, many are Audible Originals.

If you use search box at the top, predefined to show results from “Audible Books & Originals” category, make sure to check “Plus Catalog” option on the left-side column. Otherwise, you will be presented with titles from the entire Audible catalog, not just Plus.

⇢ Audible Plus catalog

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  2. […] are eligible to get free audiobooks from the Plus Catalog. It includes over 11,000 titles that offer over 68,000 hours of listening time in […]

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