How to cancel Audible Plus subscription effectively – step-by-step guide

Cancel Audible Plus step by step

Just like in the case of Kindle Unlimited, the process of canceling Audible Plus includes several steps, and you have to be cautious about what you click on.

Audible Plus is a low-cost audiobook subscription introduced in August 2020. For $7.95 per month you get unlimited access to thousands of original Audible productions: podcasts, documentaries, audiobook versions of classic novels, and more.

The subscription works the same way as Kindle Unlimited. You get unlimited access to eligible titles, and can download them for no extra cost to your Kindle or Audible app. These audiobooks are included in the Plus Catalog.

However, contrary to Gold Membership (now called Premium Plus), the subscription does not offer credits that you can exchange for premium audiobooks. You will have to buy them separately just like non-members.

Every Audible user is eligible for 30-day free trial, even the one who used Gold or Platinum free trial before. If you sign up for Audible Plus, you can enjoy the subscription for 30 days for free. After 30 days, you will be automatically charged $7.95 for the first paid month.

Please note that when you cancel the subscription, you will not get a refund for the days remaining in the current subscription period. You will be eligible to use the subscription till the end of a current period.

In other words, if you sign up for Audible Plus subscription today, and cancel it right away, it does not end the moment later, but is active for you for the next 30 days.

How to cancel Audible Plus subscription

Step 1

Go to your Account Overview on Audible, click on “Membership Details” link in the left-hand panel, and then click on “Cancel membership” link located at the bottom.

Cancel Audible Plus membership step 1 - go to account

Step 2

You will see a big headline saying “Before you go, we recommend you use any remaining credits you may have. After you cancel, you’ll lose access to your member benefits and all credits and the end of your final billing period.”

This message is irrelevant, as Audible Plus subscription doesn’t give you any credits.

What you have to remember, though is that after your subscription ends, all Audible Plus audiobooks will be automatically removed from your Kindle or Audible app the moment you connect to the internet.

Click on an orange button at the bottom, saying “Continue canceling.”

Cancel Audible Plus membership step 2 - alert message

Step 3

You will see a Customer Care questionnaire where you will be asked to provide a reason to cancel Audible Plus. Select the most relevant answer, and then click on an orange button at the bottom saying “Continue canceling.”

Cancel Audible Plus membership step 3 - customer care

Step 4

This is the most crucial step in the entire process, as it is easy to subscribe to another service instead of cancelling the current one.

You will see a table with other options to consider. Each one ends with a big orange button. Clicking on any button inside the table will stop the process of cancelling Audible Plus membership.

What you have to do is click on an orange button at the very bottom. This button says “Finish Canceling.”

Cancel Audible Plus membership step 4 - more options

Step 5

This is a confirmation step. Audible informs you that you have canceled your membership and that you can continue to enjoy the audiobooks you have got before the end date.

Don’t click on anything on this page. If you do so, you are most likely to reactivate your Audible Plus subscription.

Cancel Audible Plus membership step 5 - confirmation

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