10 translated Kindle books for World Book Day 2021 are announced and free to download

Free Kindle books to download - WBD 2021

To celebrate World Book Day 2021, Amazon has made ten brilliant books from around the world free to download for a limited time.

Every year, in the middle of April, Amazon reveals a list of most interesting foreign-language books that have been translated to English and published by Amazon Crossing.

To celebrate the World Book Day, Amazon makes these brilliant new titles free to download for Kindle users. You can find the entire list in the dedicated Read the World 2021 page.

On the 2021 list of World Book Day free Kindle books in translations you will find a thrilling novel from a Polish author Szczepan Twardoch, an unsparing post-WW2 memoir by a prize-winning Dutch journalist Alexander Münninghoff, and a touching children’s book by Argentinian author and Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominee María Wernicke.

Besides the Twardoch’s novel and Münninghoff’s biography, I will also get The Broken Circle by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller, a sweeping account of escaping Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion of 1980s, as well as an epic novel about the devastation of war – A Single Swallow by a Chinese author Zhang Ling.

UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day 2021 is on April 23, and you should be able to download the following books for free by this day. After that date, the books will be available at regular prices that are usually not higher than $4.99.

If you want to read thousands of free Kindle books, consider getting Kindle Unlimited membership. You can find this year’s most popular books in this list.

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Free Kindle books download World Book Day 2021

10 free Kindle books – World Book Day 2021

Some Days

Some Days by Maria Wernicke - World Book Day 2021 free books

María Wernicke


In this touching story of family and loss, a young girl imagines a passageway in her yard that takes her to a place of safety and love.

A young girl tells her mother about a passageway in their yard. Down this passageway, it is not cold, there is no danger, and nothing bad can ever happen—and the person she longs for is with her again. The only problem is that, on some days, the passageway is not there. But maybe, together, mother and daughter can find a way to carry that feeling with them always.

First published in Argentina, this lovely picture book will tug on the heartstrings of anyone who knows what it means to miss a loved one.

Return to the Enchanted Island

Return to the Enchanted Island by Johary Ravaloson - World Book Day 2021

Johary Ravaloson


A young man comes of age amidst the enchanted origin myths of his island country.

In this exhilarating prize-winning novel—only the second to be published in English from Madagascar—a young man comes of age amidst the enchanted origin myths of his island country.

Named after the first man at the creation of the world in Malagasy mythology, Ietsy Razak was raised to perpetuate the glory of his namesake and expected to be as illuminated as his Great Ancestor. But in the chaos of modernity, his young life is marked only by restlessness, maddening insomnia, and an adolescent apathy.

You, Me, and the Colors of Life

You Me and the Colors of Life by Noa C. Walker - WBD 2021 free books

Noa C. Walker


A moving, hopeful story about the power of love and the power of living a life filled with joy.

Faced with challenges from an early age, Janica has learned to celebrate and enjoy every day as a gift. Her life-affirming attitude fascinates Thomas, a shy young man who begins to see the rich colors of life in a whole new light.

As she reveals a world he never could have imagined for himself, Thomas falls head over heels for the strong young woman and becomes part of her quirky circle of friends and her loving family.

The Son and Heir

The Son and Heir by Alexander Munninghoff - WBD 2021 free books for Kindle

Alexander Münninghoff

The Netherlands

A prize-winning Dutch journalist’s unsparing memoir of growing up amid the excesses, triumphs, and devastation of post–World War II Europe.

In this revelatory memoir, the author confronts his parents’ complex past as he reconstructs the fortunes and disillusions of an entire family upheaved during the changes of twentieth-century Europe.

The Münninghoffs were driven by greed, rebellion, and rage. An embattled dynasty, they were torn between the right and the wrong side of history. Their saga haunted Alexander’s life for the next seventy years.

The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury

The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury Marc Levy - free Kindle books download WBD 2021

Marc Levy


Alice Pendelbury believes everything in her life is pretty much in order but she has yet to meet the most important person in her life…

Alice Pendelbury believes everything in her life is pretty much in order—from her good friends to her burgeoning career. But even Alice has to admit it’s been an odd week.

Not only has her belligerent neighbor, Mr. Daldry, suddenly become a surprisingly agreeable confidant, but he’s encouraging her to take seriously the fortune-teller who told her that only by traveling to Turkey can Alice meet the most important person in her life.

The King of Warsaw

The King of Warsaw by Szczepan Twardoch - free Kindle to download

Szczepan Twardoch


The ferociously original story of a city ignited by hate and a man in thrall to power.

It’s 1937. Poland is about to catch fire. In the boxing ring, Jakub Szapiro commands respect, revered as a hero by the Jewish community. Outside, he instills fear as he muscles through Warsaw as enforcer for a powerful crime lord.

Murder and intimidation have their rewards. He revels in luxury, spends lavishly, and indulges in all the pleasures that barbarity offers. For a man battling to be king of the underworld, life is good. Especially when it’s a frightening time to be alive.


Amora Natalia by Borges Polesso - free ebooks in translation

Natalia Borges Polesso


An exquisite collection of stories exploring the complexity of love between women.

Together, these stories and the women who inhabit them reveal an illuminating portrait of the sacred female romance, with all its nuances, complexities, burdens, and triumphs revealed.

Violence, sickness, chaos, tenderness, beauty, and freedom adorn these pages in a mosaic of unforgettable moments, including a lesbian granddaughter discovering unexpected commonalities with her grandmother, a teenager’s tryst with her friend after disenchanting sex with a boy, and an old couple’s dreamy Sunday-morning ritual.

The Broken Circle

The Broken Circle by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller - WBD 2021 free Kindle books

Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller


An emotional and sweeping memoir of love and family and survival in the violent, changing landscape of Afghanistan in the early 1980s.

Before the Soviet invasion of 1980, Enjeela Ahmadi remembers her home—Kabul, Afghanistan—as peaceful, prosperous, and filled with people from all walks of life.

But after her mother, unsettled by growing political unrest, leaves for medical treatment in India, the civil war intensifies, changing young Enjeela’s life forever. Amid the rumble of invading Soviet tanks, Enjeela and her family are thrust into chaos and fear when it becomes clear that her mother will not be coming home.

A Single Swallow

A Single Swallow by Zhang Ling - WBD 2021 free books to download

Zhang Ling


An epic and intimate novel about the devastation of war, forgiveness, redemption, and the enduring power of love.

On the day of the historic 1945 Jewel Voice Broadcast—in which Emperor Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender to the Allied forces, bringing an end to World War II—three men, flush with jubilation, made a pact. After their deaths, each year on the anniversary of the broadcast, their souls would return to the Chinese village of their younger days.

It’s where they had fought—and survived—a war that shook the world and changed their own lives in unimaginable ways. Now, seventy years later, the pledge is being fulfilled by American missionary Pastor Billy, brash gunner’s mate Ian Ferguson, and local soldier Liu Zhaohu.

At the End of the Matinee

At the End of the Matinee by Keiichiro Hirano - free Kindle books in translation 2021

Keiichiro Hirano


A delicate, timeless, award-winning ode to love’s fragility and its resilience.

Bestselling author Keiichiro Hirano offers a timeless ode to love’s fragility and its resilience in this delicate, award-winning novel.

Classical guitarist Satoshi Makino has toured the world and is at the height of his career when he first lays eyes on journalist Yoko Komine. Their bond forms instantly.

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World Book Day 2021 free Kindle books in translation

Free Kindle books World Book Day 2021

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