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Are digital books the future of reading? (infographic)

Digital books the future of reading

The new infographic from Fictionate highlights connectivity and eco-friendliness as the main reasons ebooks are the future of reading. Do you agree?

Anyone who has tried ebooks knows that they are all about convenience.

You can download an interesting title in a matter of seconds, you can store thousands of books in a space limited to the size of one paperback, you can actively work with a text, and you can choose the format and device that currently fits your mood.

From Fictionate, a new platform that connect writers and readers, comes an infographic that lists two reasons why digital books are the future of reading: connectivity and eco-friendliness.

The world is moving to the web, and we do more web errands than ever before, mainly because due to the pandemic we can’t visit a library or a shopping center in the real life.

But is connectivity the most important thing? Yes, we need access to the web to download books from the cloud or buy new titles, but afterwards all a book lover wants is kill push notifications, kick off digital distractions, and basically shut down the web – to be able to focus on reading a book.

In your opinion, what are the most important benefits of ebooks, and why do you need them?

Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged.

Are digital books the future of reading - full infographic

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