The growing popularity of e-reading (infographic)

The growing popularity of e-reading #infographic

The growing popularity of e-reading

The infographic visualizes the results of a Pew Internet report on e-reading and device usage.

Although there are signs of stagnation, the e-reading is on the rise. More and more people give a green light to digital reading, but this doesn’t mean print books are being completely abandoned.

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The new infographic from Get Abstract, the service that creates abstracts of business books, gives the updated look at the state of e-reading.

Electronic reading continues to grow in popularity because readers enjoy the simplicity of purchasing books, lighted reading at nighttime, and the ease of traveling with a large number of digital books, without the muscle strain.

All the figures come from the latest Pew Internet Center report on e-reading and device ownership, analyzing the US market.

It’s great some crucial trends were visualized in the infographic. First: crossover reading. As much as 87% of e-reader owners have read at least one print book.

The second trend is the device usage. Compared to 2011, twice as much users have read ebooks in 2014 on their tablets (55% vs 23%). The e-reader usage has increased by 16%, to 57% – the highest level among devices used for digital reading.

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The growing popularity of e-reading #infographic

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