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Who is customizing tablet and e-reader covers (infographic)

Custom cases and covers

Are you going to get a mobile device this holiday season? Make it more personal with custom cases.

Personalized cases and sleeves become more and more popular. They challenge the black leather cover – so far the most popular way to dress the tablet, e-reader or a smartphone.

No matter whether you own iPhone 5S, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, or Kindle Fire HDX, you can make the device your very own by adding a case that expresses your personality.

The infographic I’m excited to share here, presents interesting figures on the rise of the mobile device segment and how it transforms into the users’ need to make the devices more unique and personal.

We developed this visualization together with the team from Caseable, a leading platform for customized covers and sleeves for all kinds of devices.

On caseable you’ll not only choose from hundreds of top-notch designs from the best artists. You can also design your own cover (add image, add text, select colors), using a simple and enjoyable online dashboard.

Usage data from caseable shows that top things we customize on e-readers are related to books and reading: mimicking book covers of favorite novels, and best literary quotes, are among most popular choices.

Time to customize the cover – and have fun with it!

Click or tap on the image to enlarge. Below you’ll find an embed code. Feel free to use it and share the infographic on your blog.

Infographic: custom cases are a new trend

Custom cases are a new trend #infographic

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