10 creative ideas to store your books (infographic)

Functional and creative book displays

Are you looking for functional ways to display books in your small apartment? This infographic offers many creative ideas!

Nowadays, when more and more people discover the benefits of reading ebooks, you don’t have to invest in a large bookshelf to get quick access to hundreds of books.

Just the opposite: you can have a small and creative book space where you can store the books that matter to you while keeping the remaining ones on your e-reader or in a book reading app.

Apartment Guide has recently revealed a great infographic that lists 10 creative ways to store books in a small flat. Some of these tips are just uncommon ideas to reuse existing spaces and don’t involve spending a single penny.

Whether you are planning a display for a new apartment or trying to find room in your current one, these book displays will show off your collection while keeping them safe and protected.

Among the ideas, you will find a modular room divider (which is also a way to create a hidden reading nook), a functional coffee table, or a bookshelf made of an old ladder.

At the end of the infographic, you will find a few tips to make books look brand new for as long as possible.

When you visit the Apartment Guide blog, you will have a chance to learn about 10 more creative book displays that are not included in the infographic.

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

Creative ideas to store your books - full infographic

Via Stephen’s Lighthouse.

Don’t stop exploring. Here are more infographics for book lovers:

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