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The importance of close reading (infographic)

The importance of close reading thumb

We are all aware of the importance of careful reading. We all very well know reading a text once is in many cases not enough. No one has to be convinced to the impact of text analysis.

Not everyone knows that the skills and attitudes described above have a special name. It’s close reading.

Someone who mastered close reading focuses more on details over the general, and pays close attention to individual words and their meanings.

We Are Teachers, an online resource for teachers and educators, prepared a handy infographic about the topic. The chart not only explains the benefits of close reading, but also lists things to keep in mind if you want to become a more careful reader.

There are four major benefits of close reading:

  • it helps students understand why we read,
  • it promotes critical thinking, understanding, and, most of all, conversation,
  • it’s one of the main analytical tools used in higher education,
  • it’s a survival skill in our media-saturated world.

This particular chart, Reading Like a Sleuth, is addressed to teachers. There is also the one for students, Reading Like a Detective.

Click on the image below to reveal it in full resolution.

The importance of close reading #infographic

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