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12 celebrity memoirs and autobiographies to inspire and motivate you (infographic)

Celebrity books to inspire you: Amy Poehler - Yes Please

While social media is a great way to get to know our favorite actors and athletes, they get even more personal in their autobiographies and memoirs.

Hola!, a popular online magazine specializing in celebrity news, has recently published a list of top books by celebrities.

You will find here books from Diane Guerrero (In The Country We Love), Ricky Martin (Me), Amy Poehler (Yes Please), Cameron Diaz (The Longevity Book), and Demi Lovato (Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year).

The list is accompanied by an infographic that summarizes the best takeaways from each book.

Whether you need a good laugh, a good cry or maybe both, these books will give you the feels and inspire you to reach for more.

Make sure to visit the original list to read detailed descriptions of the books (and ways they could inspire and motivate you), and discover more news about the celebrities.

Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged.

Popular books by celebrities to inspire and motivate you - infographic

Via Hola! Blog.

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