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A cool interactive map of book genres

Book Genres - interactive map

What you see above is just a screenshot of a cool design. You should visit the page on Book Country, where the Book Genre Map is seen in its full glory.

When you’ll mouse over the element on the map, you’ll reveal the book genre being part of three major categories: young adult, fiction, and non-fiction.

Young adult fiction is on the constant rise, but I was surprised to discover so many YA categories. Paranormal, Steampunk, Middle Grade, you name it.

Each genre on the map links to its definition, complete with book recommendations, and forum discussions.

The map is useful not only for readers who want to explore more books in their favorite categories, but also for publishers and authors who want to increase discoverability of their publications.

Book Country is a writing and publishing community, led by Penguin Random House. Writers can discuss here their manuscripts, and build their first audience of their new books.

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