Here is the easiest way to gift Audible audiobooks

What is the easiest way to gift Audible audiobooks?
What is the easiest way to gift Audible audiobooks?
Getting an Audible membership makes much more sense than purchasing a single audiobook / Image: Fotolia

You don’t have to create an Audible account or buy a special gift card to conveniently give someone the gift of Audible.

If there is a book lover among your closest relatives, gifting an audiobook is one of the best gift ideas at hand.

Audible is a leading audiobook platform that offers almost 500,000 titles in all genres, including romance, memoirs, thrillers, and self development books.

On average, an audiobook is twice or three times more expensive than an ebook. Gifting a $30 audiobook that’s on every recommendation list you come across is already a great gift idea. The only question is: will the gift recipient like it?

There is a better idea. Instead of giving a single audiobook, gift a pre-paid Audible membership.

Why Audible subscription is a better gift idea?

One month of Audible subscription costs $14.95. For that price, a subscriber can get one audiobook and two Audible Originals (popular audio entertainment pieces created by writers and celebrities).

As you have immediately noticed, gifting one month of Audible membership gives two benefits:

  • It’s cost effective – you pay a fixed fee of $15; a giftee can choose an audiobook for any price ($15 or $20, or $30).
  • You give freedom of choice – sounds like the best way to avoid awkward gift giving moments!

How to gift a pre-paid Audible membership?

We’ve explained how to gift a pre-paid Audible membership in a separate post, but the process is extremely easy. You can do it on Amazon (no need to create an Audible account), and it resembles buying an Amazon gift card.

There are two easy steps to complete.

1. Select Audible membership plan

Go to Audible Gift Membership Center on Amazon and select the pre-paid plan you want to gift. You can choose from four plans: 1, 3, 6, and 12-month.

How to gift Audible membership - select the subscription plan

The 3-month plan is the most popular option. For $45 the member will get 3 full-length audiobooks and 6 Audible Originals.

2. Customize the gift

You can customize the Audible gift before making it ready to give.

You can choose the delivery method (email or print), select the design from gorgeous ready-to-use layouts, and set the email delivery date.

If you choose to gift Audible membership by email, Amazon will send the gift together with easy to follow redemption instructions.

Gifting Audible membership – final notes

Gifting Audible membership is a pretty new feature. The price of each gift plan is the same as when you buy the membership for yourself (in fact it is $15 versus $14.95).

Will there be any deals on Audible gift memberships? We hope so. However, they will be probably not as deep as Kindle Unlimited pre-paid plans.

We will observe price changes of Audible gift membership plans during shopping seasons such as Mother’s Day, Prime Day, or Black Friday. Make sure to come back here or follow us in social media for the updates.

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