When is the best time to join Amazon Prime?

When is the best time to join Amazon Prime

A few weeks before Prime Day and a few weeks before Black Friday are best moments to subscribe / Image: Amazon

There are two times during the year when subscribing to Prime will bring most benefits.

Amazon customers can join Amazon Prime at any time – and many users do it after they discover how many benefits this subscription-based service gives.

In short: for $119 per year or $12.99 per month, Amazon Prime members get free access to several features and services that are meant to make online shopping a seamless experience.

With Prime, you can get free two-day shipping of millions of products, enjoy Prime movies and music, get unlimited access to Prime Reading collection, or access Lightning Deals earlier than regular customers.

It sounds like there is no time to wait. You may think: I subscribe today, I start saving money today.

Keep calm. If the moment you pick up to join Prime is right, you can save even more money.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether and when to sign up for Prime.

1. When will I shop most extensively during a year?

Is it Black Friday & Cyber Monday, or are you also spending a considerable amount of money for Mother’s Day or at the end of summer (back-to-school)?

2. Which benefits am I most interested in?

For most users, the biggest benefit of Prime is a free delivery (which is right before Christmas). However, if you are into movies, you’d want to join Prime earlier, to start watching new seasons of your favorite TV series.

3. Which subscription plan do I prefer?

If you choose a monthly plan, you will be charged every month with a fee of $12.99. You may also decide to pick up an annual plan, which costs $119. You’ll save $37 compared to monthly payments.

What you need to know is that a free 30-day trial is not available all year long. Amazon is disabling this option during two most important shopping events: Prime Day and Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

If you are interested in learning about all the benefits, compare features and follow tips and tricks, make sure to read our overview: Amazon Prime platform – things to know.

When it’s best to subscribe to Amazon Prime?

Before Prime Day

Prime Day is the second-biggest shopping event on Amazon. It usually takes place on the second Tuesday of July, but some Prime-exclusive deals are being revealed and offered even a few days before.

Deals offered during Prime Day are almost as attractive as for Black Friday. For some product categories, naming only Kindle e-readers, they are even better.

Plus, many users consider buying goods for home & garden, summer holidays, and back to school so that they will buy products anyway. Why not save money, then?

Therefore, joining Prime before Prime Day will give you access to all exclusive deals, with price cuts reaching 80%. Plus you have free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible items.

If you organize your shopping list carefully, you may even buy some Christmas gifts already!

What you have to keep in mind is that when Prime Day deals are being revealed, the free trial is gone.

Therefore, you should sign up for Prime a few weeks before Prime Day. The first few days of June seem to be the best moment.

Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Investing in Prime membership before Black Friday & Cyber Monday seems to be the most natural choice. You can get most of the ordered gifts delivered for free, thanks to Free Two-Day Shipping.

Again, you should subscribe to Prime not during but before Black Friday, if you want to enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Plus, we observed that Amazon sometimes offers a discount on Prime membership. If such a promotion is going to take place, it would be most probably in the middle of November.

If you want to keep track of what’s happening, you may subscribe to Amazon Prime Insider newsletter, and get the latest deals and updates. You don’t have to be a Prime member to do that.

Getting an annual subscription just before Black Friday will make you eligible for two great shopping events during a year. The other one is Prime Day.

What you can also do is check out the date of the next year’s Black Friday. Sometimes, you will be able to buy the Prime subscription that covers the current and the upcoming Black Friday.

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