16 best Kindle Scribe covers for work and pleasure (2023-24 roundup)

Here are the best case covers that are compatible with the 10.2-inch Amazon Kindle Scribe reading & writing machine.

The latest, revolutionary Kindle Scribe device is not an e-reader any longer.

Equipped with a large 10.2-inch display, it lets you make handwritten notes, bringing the way you read and learn to a whole new level.

The 1st-generation Kindle Scribe sports the 300 ppi 10.2-inch glare-free touchscreen display that’s enhanced by both the front and warm light.

The e-reader is offered in three storage variants (16, 32 and 64 GB). It comes equipped with a fast USB-C port, and has the asymmetrical look of the Oasis.

You will need a protective cover for your Kindle Scribe more than any other Kindle model. It’s because you will use the Scribe more actively – write on it, not just hold in your hand.

As the Scribe is a new device, with a different size and proportions, new cases from third-party producers are revealed slower than for standard-size Kindle models.

The first, most interesting ones, are listed below.

This overview is developing. Please come back in a few days or weeks to see the newest arrivals.

The best covers for Kindle Scribe so far

1. Marble slimshell case cover for Kindle Scribe

Fintie marble case for Kindle Scribe
Fintie marble case for Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

▸ From Fintie comes one of the best third-party cases that are compatible with the new Kindle Scribe.

▸ The design is extremely slim and lightweight so that you won’t feel an additional weight when holding your Scribe for longer time.

▸ The most important benefit is a built-in holder for the pen that comes together with Kindle Scribe. The holder is located on the top edge.

▸ The price is set at $29.99, but it’s possible that you will see a status “currently unavailable.” In this case, use Amazon search box to look for “Fintie Kindle Scribe cover”.

Our score: 8.2/10

2. Denim slim case cover with internal pen holder

Denim slim case for Kindle Scribe with pen holder
Lightweight slim case for Kindle Scribe with a denim pattern / Image: Amazon

▸ One of the best third-party slim cases compatible with Kindle Scribe is the model offered by CoBak.

▸ The case sports a solid back shell construction that will resist bumps and mild drops. The plastic frame hides a pen holder, so that your Scribe stylus is protected as well.

▸ The magnetic closuse automatically puts the Scribe to sleep, and wakes it up when you open the front cover.

▸ The company offers 180-day unconditional money back guarantee with a hassle-free customer service.

▸ You can choose from six color variants, Denim Blue and Denim Pink among them. The price is set at $29.99.

3. Floral folio Kindle Scribe cover with two kickstands

A folio stand cover with double kickstand functionality / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are looking for a fashionable case cover that offers a solid folio design, take a look at the model offered on Amazon by MoKo, one of the most trusted third-party case producers.

▸ The case comes with all the features you expect: a support for auto sleep & wake, a hand strap for easy one-handed use, and a stylus loop.

▸ What’s unique is the kickstand, which you can use to position the device not in one but two modes: either a portrait or landscape. This way, you will be able to use the Scribe to work in a two-page, horizontal view.

▸ The case is offered in two color variants: Black, and Black & White Magnolia, with the latter one being one of the customer favorited Kindle case designs.

▸ The price at the time of updating this overview is set at $35.99, but MoKo is often running price promotions.

4. Landscape-ready rotating stand cover with a stylus loop

Landscape ready rotating stand case for Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

▸ It’s one of the most original Kindle Scribe covers. Offered by Fintie, it can be rotated so that you can use it either as a portrait or landscape stand.

▸ Both in the landscape and portrait mode, there are two grooves for setting up different angles. Sometimes, you want to make notes on your Scribe. Sometimes, all you need is read, read, read!

▸ Opposite to standard, 360-degree rotating stands, the one dedicated for Scribe is perfectly slim and lightweight, just like you would design it for the iPad.

▸ Magnets in the front panel let you securely close the device. They also work with auto sleep & wake feature, to help save the Scribe’s battery.

▸ You can put your stylus in a loop that’s located on the shorter side of the cover.

▸ At this time, the case is available only in Black. Its price is set at $32.99, but it may jump up and down depending on the demand and ratings.

5. Flexible, slim, soft rubber case for Kindle Scribe

Flexible clear case for Amazon Kindle Scribe
Flexible clear case for Amazon Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best clear case for Kindle Scribe

▸ If you need a basic protection for your Scribe, and don’t want to invest in a stand case, you can always go for a clear case – a popular solution for tablets.

▸ Take a look at the clear case that’s made of a soft rubber silicone. It’s lightweight but offers an increased protection thanks to raised corners.

▸ The case can be easily attached and detached, and feels good in the hands. The rubber surface will prevent the case from sliding out of your palms.

▸ The long cutout on the right side is designed to let you attach your stylus magnetically.

▸ The price is set at $10.99 at the time of writing this overview. It’s one of the cheapest Scribe compatible cases on Amazon.

Our score: 8.0/10

6. Clear case with a protective pen holder

Kindle Scribe clear case with protective stylus holder
Kindle Scribe clear case with protective stylus holder / Image: Amazon

▸ Here is another clear case for Kindle Scribe. It’s almost identical to the one featured above – with one major difference: the pen holder.

▸ The case extends on the right side to form a cage for your stylus. Thanks to that, your pen will stay safe, regardless of what you are doing.

▸ The transparent rubber silicone will let you enjoy the look of your Kindle Scribe at all times.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is set at $9.90.

7. Eco-friendly sleeve pouch – perfect for Kindle Scribe

Eco-friendly sleeve pouch for Kindle Scribe
Elago offers an eco-friendly sleeve pouch for Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

▸ A clear case will protect your Kindle Scribe when you are using it. A sleeve is a way to protect the device when you are carrying it.

▸ A great thing about sleeves is that they can serve you for longer than just one device. And you can use it for multiple devices and accessories at once.

▸ From Elago comes a soft, cozy, and minimalist sleeve pouch that features a large external pocket that’s perfect for power adapter, earphones, or cables.

▸ The sleeve is made of multi-layer, recycled fiberfill that’s lightweight, eco-friendly, and gives a natural feel every time you take it in your hand.

▸ Most importantly, the sleeve is waterproof, thanks to using the waterproof nylon material on the outside. It’s a practical option if you want to have peace of mind and your Kindle is not waterproof.

▸ Elago sleeve is designed for 10-11 inch devices, so it will fit the 10.2 inch Kindle Scribe perfectly.

▸ The regular price is set at $28.99.

8. Vera Bradley cotton sleeve and organizer

Vera Bradley fashion sleeve for Kindle Scribe
Vera Bradley fashion sleeve for Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best tablet organizer for Kindle Scribe

▸ From Vera Bradley comes the most fashionable item in this overview – the Cotton Tablet Organizer. Its size makes it easy to slide your Kindle Scribe inside.

▸ As other tablet organizers, the Vera Bradley bag comes with several utilities: two slip pockets, two mesh pockets, three card slips, four pen slips, and one ID window.

▸ The bag is made of a sustainable recycled cotton fabric and “and has all of the comfort, softness, and vibrancy that you know and love.”

▸ The sleeve is padded for increased comfort and protection. Plus, there is a handle to let you carry it with ease.

▸ Vera Bradley Kindle organizer is available in eight fashionable designs, including Ikat Island, Java Navy Camo (shown above), Indiana Rose, and Plum Pansies.

▸ The regular price is very Vera Bradley – $45. However, for a limited time, you can get it for $31.99.

Our score: 8.0/10

9. Official Amazon cover for Kindle Scribe 1

Original Kindle Scribe 1 case cover from Amazon
Original Kindle Scribe 1 case cover from Amazon / Image: Amazon

▸ If no other item on this list gets your attention or earns your trust, you can always buy an original case cover offered by Amazon.

▸ The case features a vertical tri-fold design and folds back through the top edge.

▸ You have two options to attach a stylus. You can use a dedicated holder that’s located at the bottom edge. Or you can attach the pen magnetically to the side of your device.

▸ You can choose from three color variants that are in line with 11th-generation Kindle color code: Black, Denim, and Rose.

▸ The cover opens and closes to wake up or put your Kindle Scribe to sleep.

▸ The fabric cover is the most affordable variant of official Amazon cases for Kindle Scribe. Yet, it’s pricier than any third-party alternative. It costs $59.99, and you can’t expect a price cut any time soon.

10. Folio case with a kickstand and hand strap

Folio Kindle Scribe cover with a kickstand and hand strap
Folio Kindle Scribe cover with a kickstand and hand strap / Image: Amazon

▸ If you prefer a design that will help you get that good old feel of a paper notebook, you should go for a classic folio case cover.

▸ The cover is crafted using techniques similar to traditional book binding. There is a faux leather material on the outside and soft microfiber inside.

▸ All layers combined provide a solid protection not only against dust, but also bumps and shock.

▸ The cover comes with a kickstand and two hand straps that will let you use it with either the right or left hand.

▸ There are four colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Pink, and Navy.

▸ The regular price is $32.99. It’s too early to see price cuts.

11. Kindle Scribe Essentials bundle with a cover and charger

Amazon Kindle Scribe 1 Essentials Bundle
Amazon Kindle Scribe 1 Essentials Bundle / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are going to invest in a case cover, and if you believe the best one comes from Amazon, you can go for a bundle, not a case.

▸ Kindle Scribe Essentials bundle includes, besides the device (16 GB), two other elements: a vertical fabric cover in one of three colors, and a power adapter.

▸ What you need to know is that Kindles no longer come with a power adapter. If you need a new charger, you will have to buy it separately – or get a bundle.

▸ The total value of the three elements in the bundle is $420, but you can get it for $380 – and it’s the regular price of the bundle. From time to time, you may see the price drop by even $40 more.

12. Elegant suede Kindle Scribe sleeve with pen holder

Slimmest Kindle Scribe sleeve with pen holder / Image: Amazon

▸ If you are looking for the slimmest possible sleeve which will accommodate just your Kindle Scribe, the one from Walnew is almost perfect.

▸ The sleeve is made of faux leather with a suede-textured surface. Inside, there is a soft lining made of microfiber, to give an extra protection against dust and scratches.

▸ The sleeve closes with a magnet to make sure your Scribe won’t slide out when you carry it.

▸ You can securely store your Scribe pen, thanks to a hidden pen holder (please note that the holder doesn’t support magnetic attachment).

▸ The sleeve is available in four elegant color variants: Gray, Khaki, Light Blue, and Pink. The price is currently set at $28.99.

13. Shockproof hybrid case cover for Kindle Scribe

Shockproof hybrid slim case for Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best shockproof case for Kindle Scribe

▸ Kindle Scribe is the device you will be using much more actively than any other Kindle. That’s why a heavy-duty case is most welcomed.

▸ One of the best heavy-duty options available on Amazon for Kindle Scribe is a shockproof case from Fintie.

▸ The case sports the double-layer construction that will help you avoid damage much better than other Scribe compatible cases. The backshell is made of a solid plastic back and a thick frame with enhanced corner protection.

▸ The ffont cover comes with built-in magnets to support the auto sleep & wake feature. Plus, there is a stylus loop on the top edge to make sure you will never lose the pen.

▸ One color is available so far. The price is currently set at $34.99, which is 13% lower than the regular $39.99.

Our score: 8.2/10

14. “Magical Library” folio stand case

“Magical Library” folio Kindle Scribe stand cover / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best-looking Kindle Scribe case cover

▸ Are you looking for a book-themed case cover that will show how much you live books, reading, and learning?

▸ Take a look at this gorgeous design offered on a folio case cover by Fintie, one of the most popular third-party case producers on Amazon.

▸ The gorgeous digitally enhanced image of a library wall with vintage books from top to bottom is featured on both front and back.

▸ The case comes with a built-in kickstand that will allow you to position the Scribe at the right angle when in portrait mode.

▸ Another,smaller kickstand is used to form a stand for a landscape view – a perfect solution if you are using your Scribe in a two-page mode.

▸ The cover comes with five designs. Besides the Library, you can pick up Lilac Marble, and Shades of Blue.

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is set at $35.99.

15. Vertical tri-fold flip case with a stand

Vertical tri-fold Kindle Scribe stand cover
Vertical tri-fold Kindle Scribe stand cover / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best vertical stand for Kindle Scribe

▸ If you’d love to have the official Kindle Scribe but, but it’s far too expensive, you can pick up an alternative from a third-party producer.

▸ A case that’s worth taking a look comes from Fintie. It offers the same design as the original Amazon cover: a tri-fold front folds back over the top to form a stand.

▸ The case comes with a stylus loop at the bottom edge. Open sides let you attach the pen magnetically.

▸ A ribbon built into the front cover keeps the cover closed and prevents it from opening accidentally.

▸ So far, only the Black color is offered. The price is $35.99, which is $25 less than the fabric cover from Amazon.

Our score: 8.2/10

16. Kindle Scribe composition notebook case

Kindle Scribe composition notebook case
Best composition notebook slim case for Amazon Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Best composition book case for Kindle Scribe

▸ Amazon Kindle Scribe, with its handwritten document markup and ability to create handwritten notes, annotations, and checklists, is a modern personalization of a composition notebook. 

▸ What is the symbol of composition notebooks? An iconic pseudo-marbling pattern that emerged in Western Europe in the mid-19th century.

▸ This classic design is now available on a Kindle Scribe case! It’s offered by Fintie, and comes with a stylus loop and the auto sleep & wake support.

▸ The Scribe is a large device that’s heavier than the Kindle you’ve had before. There is no reason to add to it an extra bulk.

▸ The composition notebook case from Fintie is a slimshell case with a thin front cover and a solid backshell – both lined with a soft microfiber to protect against dust and scratches.

▸ The case comes in a range that also includes Library, Lilac Marble, and Alpine Green designs.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is set at $39.99. We haven’t seen price drops yet.

⇢ Amazon

Best Kindle Scribe case covers
Best Kindle Scribe case covers available this year / Images: Amazon

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