Kindle Scribe gets the first price cut ever, $50 or more to save!

The price of Kindle Scribe in a National Reading Month goes down to $289 for an entry-level variant / Screenshot: Amazon

You can grab Amazon’s most powerful e-reader for just $289 ($50 off), for a variant with the Basic Pen and 16 GB of storage.

Released on November 30, 2022, the Kindle Scribe is the most innovative and powerful e-paper device Amazon ever offered. 

It sports the 300 ppi 10.2-inch glare-free touchscreen display that’s enhanced by both the front and warm light. 

Most importantly, the Scribe is the first Amazon e-paper device that supports handwriting. It comes free with a battery-free pen, and a variety of handwriting templates (notebook, to-do-list, and diary, among them).

So far, Amazon’s newest e-reader was not offered at a reduced price. You could save on it during Black Friday 2022 even $80, but it was possible if you combined the savings on a free Kindle Unlimited free plan ($40) and getting the bundle (another $40).

As I predicted last year, the first price cuts on Kindle Scribe should come during National Reading Month 2023 – and here they are!

The entry-level variant, with 16 GB of storage and the Basic Pen, costs now only $289.99, which is a 15% price drop from $339.99. I was expecting the price to be lowered to just $299.99.

If you decide to invest in a variant with the 32 GB of storage and Premium Pen, you will also save 15%. The price is right now set at $329.99, instead of $389.99.

Plus, in every variant, you save $30 on a free, 3-month Kindle Unlimited plan.

It was worth waiting for a price cut like this. Keeping $50 in your pocket will let you buy a solid Kindle Scribe case cover – and there are plenty of them already.

The next price cuts on the Kindle Scribe should come before Mother’s and Father’s Day 2023, and surely during the summer edition of Prime Day.

The deal ends on Sunday, March 26, 2023, so hurry!

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