The 3-minute guide to the best Echo & Alexa deals on Black Friday 2018

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The 3-minute guide to the best Black Friday 2018 deals on Echo & Alexa devices

The handy list of the best deals on Echo smart speakers and Alexa-enabled devices / Image: Pixabay

Amazon Echo Show 2 for $179.99; the 3rd-generation Echo Dot 50% off; save up to 50% on Alexa-enabled accessories.

Amazon has introduced this year eight new Alexa-enabled devices, not only new-generation Echo smart speakers, but also car accessories, microwaves, and security cameras.

Not all these devices will be offered for reduced prices this Black Friday, but Amazon has already revealed the deals on Alexa-enabled devices – and some of them are already active.

Bigger price cuts are coming on November 22, so mark your calendar to shop for the hottest devices before others do that.

Echo & Alexa Black Friday 2018 deals

Let’s take a look at the Black Friday 2018 deals on Echo speakers:

  • save 50% on the 3rd-generation Echo Dot – the newly introduced Echo Dot 3 offers improved sound & voice recognition. Its regular price is $49.99 but from November 22 it’s reduced by 50%, to $24.00. It will be one of this year’s top selling Black Friday and Cyber Monday products on Amazon!
  • save up to $20 on the 2nd-generation Echo Dot – some users bought a bulk of Echo Dot speakers last year, and if they would like to bring Alexa for the remaining rooms, now is the best time. The previous-generation Echo Dot gets the $20 price cut on November 22 – its price goes down to only $19.99 ($39.99),
  • get the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo for $69 – starting November 22, you can grab this great-looking Alexa-enabled smart speaker for $69.00, instead of $99.99 (30% off),
  • 2nd-generation Echo Plus is $40 off – also on November 22, you can get the newest Echo Plus for $109.99, which means you save 25% ($149.99). Echo Plus released in 2018 is powered by Dolby play 360-degree audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass response,
  • save $50 on Amazon Echo Show 2 – the 2nd-generation Echo Show speaker enables you to receive both audio and video responses. It sports a vibrant 10.1-inch HD display for watching videos, movies, and news briefings. On November 22 you can get Echo Show 2 for $179.99 ($229.99) and save $50,
  • Echo Spot is $40 off – Echo Spot is a cool compact smart speaker with round 2.5-inch screen. The list price is $129.99. On November 22 the price goes down to $89.99,
  • get Echo Dot Kids Edition for $59.99 – the previous-generation Echo Dot has a special edition addressed to kids. The speaker features Alexa that has the voice of a kid-friendly DJ, comedian, and storyteller. The device costs normally $69.99. Currently the price is lowered to $59.99.

Deals on Alexa-enabled accessories

Echo speakers, powered by Alexa technology, are not the only element of a smart home.

To make your home even smarter, you can add Alexa-compatible electrical light switches, LED bulbs, power strips, or surveillance video equipment. You will be able to control them with just your voice, or via Alexa app on your phone or Fire tablet.

Alexa Store on Amazon includes only a few dozen accessories, but we’ve searched the entire Amazon t out together these great deals:

  • save 46% on Etekcity Wi-Fi Smart Plug – this smart Alexa-enabled plug includes energy monitoring module, so that you can track power usage for the connected device – and cut power supply after the battery is fully recharged. The 2-pack costs normally $49.99 but you can get it now for $26.98, which means you save almost 50%,
  • get Wemo Light Switch for only $39.99 – you with this light switch and connected Echo speaker, you can switch the light on and off with just your voice. You can also set schedules and timers, or enable “randomize” mode to protect your home when you are away. The regular price of the switch is $49.99 but you can save 20% by getting it for $39.99,
  • $10 off Philips LED Smart Bulb – turn the lights on/off, dim to the desired level, set schedules from wherever you have access to your Echo speaker or Alexa app. The 4-pack of voice-activated 60W LED bulbs costs normally $49.99, but you can get it for $39.99 right now,
  • save 48% on Echo Dot Wall Mount – wall mounts are among most popular Echo accessories. The let you save space on a desk or bedside table. The wall mount from AMZ fits the 2nd-generation Echo Dot, and is currently offered at a price reduced from $24.95 to $12.95 (you save 48%),
  • 20% off home security camera from Ezviz – this 720p HD Wi-Fi home video monitoring camera be controlled by Alexa through Echo Show. Night vision and 11-degree viewing angle will let you see clearly even in the dark. The camera’s price is now reduced by $10, to $39.99 ($49.99),
  • get Echo Dot case for only $4.99 – Amazon has cut prices for the case fitting 2nd-generation Echo Dot. The case is available in six colors, and you can get it for only $5.99 instead of the launch price set at $19.99.

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