12 must-read ebook summer reads 2017

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The 2017 must-read summertime bestsellers

Looking for the best beach reads to pack your e-reader or book-reading app? Here are the most anticipated books of summer 2017.

The beginning of summer is the time when a lot of new books are being published – especially the ones that make great summertime reads: romance novels, biographies, or fast-paced thrillers.

New books by Janet Evanovich, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, Karin Slaughter, and John le Carré, were or will be released during this summer, among many other titles.

The books with future release dates can be already pre-ordered, so if you buy them in an electronic format, they will be automatically downloaded to your e-reader or book-reading app the day they are launched.

Are you looking for thriller novels with new characters? Make sure to check out The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz, introducing Jane Hawk, a heroine “certain to become an icon of suspense.” In The Late Show, Michael Connelly debuts a brand new detective, Renée Ballard, fighting to prove she is one of the best LAPD operatives.

Two non-fiction books that are included in this compilation and are worth adding to your to-read books are Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough and Rediscovering Americanism by Mark R. Levin. Both books talk about how American values evolve in today’s hectic times, and how to defend them.

The beginning of September is the time I’m impatiently waiting for. It’s when the new novel by John le Carré will be released. After twenty-five years, George Smiley is back!

As usual, we present the books with simplified descriptions, release dates, and links to four major ebookstores: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks Store.

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Which of the books listed below are you going to read this summer?

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12 must-read ebook bestsellers – summer 2017

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. - Neal Stephenson

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.

Neal Stephenson, Nicole Galland

June 13

This captivating near-future thriller combines history, science, magic, mystery, intrigue, and adventure that questions the very foundations of the modern world.

When Melisande Stokes, an expert in linguistics and languages, accidentally meets military intelligence operator Tristan Lyons in a hallway at Harvard University, it is the beginning of a chain of events that will alter their lives and human history itself.

The young man from a shadowy government entity approaches Mel, a low-level faculty member, with an incredible offer. The only condition: she must sign a nondisclosure agreement in return for the rather large sum of money.

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The Identicals - Elin Hilderbrand

The Identicals

Elin Hilderbrand

June 13

The Identicals is the ultimate summertime reading from Elin Hilderbrand, “the Queen of the Summertime Novel.”

Just because twins look exactly the same doesn’t mean they’re anything alike – and Tabitha and Harper Frost have spent their whole lives trying to prove this point.

When a family crisis forces them to band together, the twins come to realize that the special bond they share is more important than the resentments that have driven them apart.

This story of new loves, old battles, and a threat gives a whole new meaning to the term sibling rivalry.

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No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

No Is Not Enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics

Naomi Klein

June 13

Award-winning journalist and the bestselling author of No Logo, Naomi Klein, in her new book gives us the toolkit for shock resistance, showing all of us how we can break Trump’s spell and win the world we need.

No Is Not Enough reveals, among other things, how Trump’s election was not a peaceful transition, but a corporate takeover, one using deliberate shock tactics to generate wave after wave of crises and force through radical policies that will destroy people, the environment, the economy and national security.

This timely, urgent book from one of our most influential thinkers offers a bracing positive shock of its own, helping us understand just how we got here, and how we can, collectively, come together and heal.

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Dangerous Minds - Janet Evanovich

Dangerous Minds: A Knight and Moon Novel

Janet Evanovich

June 20

Here is another gripping mystery by #1 New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich.

Buddhist monk Wayan Bagus lost his island of solitude and wants to get it back. The island was about two hundred miles northeast of Samoa. It had a mountain, beaches, a rain forest, and a volcano. And now it’s gone.

Emerson Knight likes nothing better than solving an unsolvable, improbable mystery. And finding a missing island is better than Christmas morning in the Knight household.

When clues lead to a dark and sinister secret that is being guarded by the National Park Service, Emerson will need to assemble a crack team for help.

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The Silent Corner - Dean Koontz

The Silent Corner

Dean Koontz

June 20

The Silent Corner starts a new mystery series by Dean Koontz, introducing Jane Hawk, a remarkable heroine “certain to become an icon of suspense.”

People of talent and accomplishment have been committing suicide in surprising numbers. When Jane seeks to learn why, she becomes the most-wanted fugitive in America. Her powerful enemies are protecting a secret so important—so terrifying—that they will exterminate anyone in their way.

But all their power and viciousness may not be enough to stop a woman as clever as they are cold-blooded, as relentless as they are ruthless.

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Murder Games - James Patterson

Murder Games

James Patterson

June 26

From James Patterson and Howard Roughan comes the crime novel about the serial killer who is loose on the streets of Manhattan. Known as The Dealer, he is baiting cops into a deadly guessing game that has the city increasingly on edge.

Elizabeth Needham, the tenacious cop in charge of the case, turns to an unlikely ally – Dylan Reinhart, a brilliant professor whose book turned up in connection with the murders.

As the public frenzy over The Dealer reaches a fever pitch, Dylan and Elizabeth must connect the clues to discover what the victims have in common.

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Rediscovering Americanism - Mark R. Levin

Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism

Mark R. Levin

June 27

From #1 New York Times bestselling author and radio host Mark R. Levin comes a searing plea for a return to America’s most sacred values.

In Rediscovering Americanism, Mark R. Levin revisits the founders’ warnings about the perils of overreach by the federal government and concludes that the men who created our country would be outraged and disappointed to see where we’ve ended up.

Levin returns to the impassioned question he’s explored in each of his bestselling books: How do we save our exceptional country? Because our values are in such a precarious state, he argues that a restoration to the essential truths on which our country was founded has never been more urgent.

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The Late Show - Michael Connelly

The Late Show

Michael Connelly

July 11

Internationally acclaimed author Michael Connelly introduces the brand new character, Renée Ballard, a fierce young LAPD detective.

Ballard works the night shift in Hollywood, beginning many investigations but finishing none. One night she catches two assignments: the brutal beating of a prostitute left for dead in a parking lot and the killing of a young woman in a nightclub shooting.

Against orders and her partner’s wishes, she works both cases by day while maintaining her shift by night. What she doesn’t know is how deep her dual investigation will take her into the dark heart of her city, her department, and her past…

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House of Spies - Daniel Silva

House of Spies

Daniel Silva

July 11

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Black Widow comes the thrilling new summer blockbuster featuring legendary spy, assassin, and art restorer Gabriel Allon.

Four months after 9/11, terrorists leave a trail of carnage through London’s glittering West End. The thread leads Gabriel Allon and his team of operatives to the south of France and the gilded doorstep of Jean-Luc Martel and Olivia Watson.

A beautiful former British fashion model, Olivia pretends not to know that the actual source of Martel’s enormous wealth is drugs. And Martel, likewise, turns a blind eye to the fact he is doing business with a man whose objective is the very destruction of the West.

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The Good Daughter - Karin Slaughter

The Good Daughter

Karin Slaughter

August 22

A new psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Girls and The Kept Woman.

When Charlotte was a child, a happy small-town family life was torn apart by a terrifying attack on her family home.

Twenty-eight years later, violence comes to town again – and she is the first witness on the scene. A shocking new tragedy unleashes the terrible memories she’s spent so much time trying to suppress.

“Packed with twists and turns, brimming with emotion and heart, The Good Daughter is fiction at its most thrilling.”

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Y is for Yesterday - Sue Grafton

Y is for Yesterday

Sue Grafton

August 22

A new Kinsey Millhone novel by a bestselling author Sue Grafton will be released in August.

The new case is the darkest and most disturbing Kinsey Millhone ever had. It begins in 1979 when four teenagers from an elite private school sexually assault a fourteen-year-old classmate – and film the attack.

Ten years later, one of the perpetrators, Fritz McCabe, has been released from prison. At the same time, a copy of the missing tape arrives with a ransom demand. That’s when the McCabes call Millhone for help.

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A Legacy of Spies - John le Carre

A Legacy of Spies

John le Carré

September 7

The undisputable master of suspense returns with the first novel in over twenty-five years to feature George Smiley of the British Secret Service.

Peter Guillam, a staunch colleague of George Smiley, is living out his old age on the family farmstead when a letter from his old Service summons him to London – his Cold War past has come back to claim him. Intelligence operations that were once the toast of secret London are to be scrutinized.

A story is resonating with tension, humor and moral ambivalence. John le Carré presents the reader with a legacy of unforgettable characters old and new.

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