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15 awesome case covers for your new Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 2017 cases, sleeves, and accessories

Looking for the Fire HD 10 case? Take a look at the growing variety of models: not only cases, but also sleeves.

Amazon Fire HD 10 is a convenient combination of the entertainment tablet and Alexa smart speaker.

It’s a first Amazon tablet that comes with Alexa voice assistant that you can wake hands-free, by simply speaking its name.

Despite the extremely attractive price, the tablet offers a widescreen Full HD display. With a resolution of 1920 × 1200 px and 224 ppi pixel density, the new 10-inch Fire tablet offers vivid colors, increased brightness, and wide viewing angle.

So, you have a fully-fledged large screen tablet that can be used for watching videos, playing games, reading comic books or magazines.

How much would you give for it?

The tablet costs only $149.99 for the version with special offers and 32 GB of internal memory. It’s $80 less than the last major generation, released in 2015. Oh, and you can always extend the memory by adding 256 GB via microSD card.

What about case compatibility for Amazon Fire HD 10? As you will see in the tablet below, although the width and height are the same as in previous generations, the depth is by over 2 mm higher.

Fire HD 10 dimensions ( height × width × depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) 10.3 × 6.3 × 0.4 262 × 159 × 9.8
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2016) 10.3 × 6.3 × 0.3 262 × 159 × 7.7
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2015) 10.3 × 6.3 × 0.3 262 × 159 × 7.7

Thinking about re-using the case from your 2015 or 2016 Fire HD 10? Only the covers with corner straps would fit the new tablet. There is no chance to re-use the case with a plastic shell, or even the leather frame, without covering the buttons, microSD card slot, or speakers.

Where to buy Fire HD 10 case?

Amazon is a primary source of accessories for their own devices, and it’s a first destination you check out if you want something else than the official Amazon Fire tablet case.

However, it’s not the only web destination where you can get premium and unique items at affordable prices. We list some of the alternatives below:

Amazon – You’ve searched the site already, right? We advise to do it again – and search all departments, not only the section with Kindle Fire cases and accessories. Thousands of results will appear, many with a high number of positive reviews.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable cases. The number of available designs and colors is smaller, but the cases can be bought at lower – sometimes much lower – prices.

Rakuten – formerly, the site is one of the largest online stores. The sellers are different than on Amazon or eBay, so if you haven’t found the perfect case on these two sites, give Rakuten a try.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. You won’t find here, for instance, the heavy-duty case tailored for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10, but will be amazed to discover tons of unique, colorful sleeves that will suit different tastes and needs.

The number of available cases and sleeves for the 2017 Fire HD 10 tablet will be quickly growing. Have you found one you’d like to add to this overview? Reach us on social media and share links to your favorite designs.

Choose the case for your Fire HD 10 (2017)


MoKo Amazon Fire HD 10 Smart-shell Case (2017 release)

MoKo Amazon Fire HD 10 Smart-shell Stand Case. If you are looking for a solid tri-fold case, you should check out the designs offered by MoKo, one of our favorite producers of tablet accessories.

Tri-fold cases from MoKo have everything you expect from this kind of design: an ability to turn into a multi-position stand, support for auto wake/sleep feature, as well as the right balance between small weight and high durability.

But MoKo cases have something others usually don’t have: original colors and patterns to choose from. Among the variants offered for Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017), you will find Peach Blossom (shown above), Lucky Tree, or City Night View. ⇢ Amazon – $17.99.


Alritz Fire HD 10 (2017) Lightweight Tri-fold Case Cover

Alritz Fire HD 10 Lightweight Tri-fold Cover. Here is another tri-fold case for your Fire HD 10. It’s lightweight, and features a built-in stand for typing or watching movies. Magnetic strips on the front are designed to wake the tablet on opening and put to sleep on closing.

You can choose from eight colors and patterns, including Orange, Almond Blossom, and Eiffel Tower. ⇢ Amazon – $15.99.


Infiland Premium Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet (7th generation - 2017 release)

Infiland Case for Amazon Fire HD 10. This folio book-style case combined functionality with style, and, most importantly, is available at affordable price. The case is made of a premium faux leather (outside) and microfiber (inside) and supports auto wake/sleep feature. You can use it as a stand, either vertical for watching videos, or horizontal for writing emails or social media updates.

The case is available in six colors, including Purple (shown above), Rose Gold, Navy, and Sky Blue. ⇢ Amazon – $7.99.


Official Amazon Fire HD 10 case cover, 2017 release

Official Amazon Fire HD 10 case cover, 2017 release. It’s probably the first cover you’ll see when buying the all-new Fire. If you already own Amazon’s tablet you probably know this design. It’s not only about the perfect shape of the back shell with precise cutouts for buttons and microSD slot. It’s also about the range of colors. They are meant to perfectly match available colors of the tablet itself.

There is one thing I have some doubts. It’s the way the stand is being set. The front cover is folded once. It’s a good solution when you put the tablet on the desk or any other flat surface. I, doubt, however, if the stand would serve its purpose if you are going to watch a movie on a sofa or in bed.

Amazon’s original case cover for the 2017 Fire HD 10 is available in four colors: Charcoal Black, Cobalt Purple, Marine Blue, and Punch Red. ⇢ Amazon – $39.99.


Felt Amazon Fire HD 10 Sleeve

Felt Amazon Fire HD 10 Sleeve. Do you like felt? You can have a stylish sleeve made from it. Let’s have a look at the one hand-crafted by Felt S Jie. It’s made from a 4 mm felt, available in several color options, not only natural light or dark felt.

To receive the sleeve that exactly fits your Kindle Fire HD 10, make sure to give its details (name and dimensions) in a message to seller when placing an order. ⇢ Etsy – $22.


Ztotop Amazon Fire HD 10 2017 Vintage Book Folio Case

Ztotop Folio Case for Fire HD 10 (2017). Do you prefer a solid book-style folio case? The one from Ztotop is one of the first that are on offer. In the picture above, you see a variant that looks like a vintage book cover.

The case is made of the polyurethane leather. Its interior is lined with a soft microfiber that prevents the screen from scratches. The case supports auto wake/sleep feature. It can be transformed into a stand.

The front cover can be folded back completely, allowing for a one-handed use (use a convenient hand strap for that!). ⇢ Amazon – $17.99.


Smyt Shop 10-inch Fire HD Ultraslim Case

Smyt Shop 10-inch Fire HD Ultraslim Case Cover. Do you like the classic look, but would rather see it in a modern and convenient design? The case from Smyt Shop should meet your needs.

The vintage look of the genuine brown leather is achieved by using a premium faux leather material. Besides that, you will see the slim and lightweight tri-fold case that offers a built-in stand, easy access to all ports and buttons, as well as a support for auto sleep/wake.

Besides the Classic Brown color variant, you can get Rose Gold, Hot Pink, or Navy Blue. It’s the cheapest case in this overview, and one of the cheapest available on the market at the time of updating this post. ⇢ Amazon – $8.99.


IVSO All-New Kindle Fire HD 10 2017 Tablet Case

IVSO All-New Fire HD 10 2016. Here is another folio case for your new 10-inch Amazon Fire tablet. The case is made of polyurethane leather on the outside. Soft microfiber inside prevents from scratches. There is no info about auto wake/sleep support, so we have to assume the case doesn’t have it. ⇢ Amazon – $7.50.


Pochette Gavotte Premium Fabric Sleeve for Fire HD 10

Pochette Gavotte Premium Fabric Sleeve for Fire HD 10. If you are not interested in the case, but would rather go for a sleeve, Etsy is the best destination to explore. There are lots of custom-made tablet accessories offered here, and sleeves from Pochette Gavotte are one of the nicest examples.

The sleeve is made of sturdy unbleached cotton duck fabric and crafted traditionally from Kurashiki city known for making Japanese selvage jeans. It’s padded with 5 mm upholstery foam for increased protection and has a natural wooden button closure on top. In a message to seller, please provide the name and exact dimensions of your Fire tablet. ⇢ Etsy – $28.


Japanese Cotton Sleeve for Amazon Fire HD 10

Japanese Cotton Pouch for Amazon Fire HD 10. Protect your new Fire tablet with style. This cover hand-made by Big & Small Arts gives a simple and luxurious visual effect. It’s made high-quality Japanese indigo cotton fabric and natural color cotton sateen as lining.

This pouch comes with a pocket, string, and wooden button closure on top. Make sure to provide the name and dimensions of your Fire HD model in a message to seller. ⇢ Etsy – $33.99.


IVSO Slim Smart Cover for All-new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 (2017 release)

IVSO Slim Smart Cover for Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017). One of the first Fire HD 10 cases that resemble tri-fold smart cover for Apple iPad tablets. The case comes from IVSO and is a super slim solution for your new tablet. It supports auto wake/sleep feature and has a built-in stand, that can be used either in vertical or horizontal position.

Available in seven colors, including Blue, Gold, Rose Gold, and Red. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.


AC Dream Star Case for Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2017

AC Dream Star Case for Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2017. What about a bit of glamour? AC Dream offers a range of fashion design cases designed specifically for the 2017 Fire HD 10 tablet.

This solid folio case features a built-in stand, soft microfiber interior, and a hand strap for convenient one-hand use. Most importantly, you can choose from eight fashionable colors, including Rose Gold Star of Paris shown on the picture above. ⇢ Amazon – $16.99.


Fintie Amazon Fire HD 10 Keyboard Case (2017)

Fintie Amazon Fire HD 10 Keyboard Case. Are you looking for a keyboard case for your Fire HD 10? Take a look at the one from Fintie.

The keyboard was designed for the 2017 10-inch Fire tablet, but it also fits the previous-generation model released in 2015. The keyboard is detachable so that you can remove it from the case when you don’t need it. It connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and can be placed as far as 10 meters.

The keys are made from a premium ABS material. They give the feel of using the real laptop, giving a tactile response with every stroke, and helping you type more efficiently.

The case is available in as much as seven different colors. Besides Black, you can pick up Rose Gold, Blossom, or Galaxy. ⇢ Amazon – $33.99.


MoKo Fire HD 10 (2017) Shockproof Folio Stand Case

MoKo Fire HD 10 (2017) Shockproof Folio Stand Case. This is our favorite cases in this overview. This particular design was introduced by MoKo in summer 2017, for the newest iPad Pro models, and we were impatiently waiting to see it on other tablets.

And here it is! Available specifically for Amazon Fire HD 10, released in 2017. The case looks very premium, having a stylish texture on the outside, and a smooth folio shape. The interior is made from a smooth microfiber to protect the display from scratches and dust. The case can be transformed into a stand – vertical or horizontal – and supports auto wake/sleep.

Four variants are available. All gently combine colors and textures to offer a premium, executive (but not boring) look. The model shown above is Dark Gray & Orange. ⇢ Amazon – $15.99.

Bonus accessory

NuPro Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2017

NuPro Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 2017. The case is a great protection for the time you are not using the tablet. If you want to be sure nothing bad will happen when you are using it, a screen protector will do the job.

NuPro is one of the most trusted producers of screen protectors. The one for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 (2017) is available in two versions: anti-glare, and clear. Each one comes in the pack of two so that you can replace the current one when it gets damaged. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.

• • •

All-new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10-inch, 2017 release

Amazon Fire HD 10, 7th generation, 2017 release

32 GB / Blue

The first Fire tablet with Alexa hands-free
Alexa, the brain behind Echo, provides quick access to the information and entertainment you want, including video, music, games, audiobooks, and more. When connected to Wi-Fi, simply say the wake word, “Alexa.” Alexa will respond to you – even when the screen is asleep – and will show visual responses to certain questions.

Designed for widescreen entertainment
Fire HD 10 features a brilliant 10.1” 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200) with over 2 million pixels (224 ppi). Enjoy widescreen movies, videos, and games with wide viewing angles, less glare, and more brightness thanks to a stunning IPS (in-plane-switching) LCD display.

Fast and responsive
Fire HD 10 is now 30% faster thanks to 2x the RAM over the previous generation and a more powerful quad-core processor. Two 1.8 GHz cores and two 1.4 GHz cores run simultaneously, delivering quick app launches, smooth games and videos, and great overall performance.

No more worrying about storage space
Fire HD 10 comes with the most internal storage of any Fire tablet at 32 or 64 GB, great for offline video watching. Expand your storage by up to 256 GB using a microSD card, and keep photos, favorite movies, and compatible games and apps with you. Plus enjoy free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content and photos taken with your Fire tablet.

Power when you need it
Don’t be tethered to an outlet—now with up to 10 hours of mixed-use battery life, Fire HD 10 gives you more flexibility to go where the day takes you.

More durable than iPad Pro 10.5″
Amazon engineers Fire tablets to hold up against everyday life. As measured in tumble tests, Fire HD 10 is more durable than the latest iPad Pro 10.5” (and costs a lot less too).

⇢ Amazon $149.99

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