A price of the basic Kindle drops to the new all-time low – $50 off!

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Save 50% on the basic Kindle (8th-generation) - a version without special offers
A 50% price cut was never offered before on any variant of the 8th-generation Kindle / Image: Amazon

A version of the basic Kindle without special offers costs now only $49.99. A cheaper variant is apparently discontinued.

Are you interested in getting a basic Kindle (8th-generation model) for a reduced price? Heavily reduced price?

Hurry up. It may be your last chance to buy the e-reader from Amazon before it goes away to third-party sellers or a warehouse store with pre-owned and refurbished Kindles.

As you know, each Kindle is offered to US customers in two versions: with and without special offers (full-page ads that are displayed on the lock screen). The ad-free version costs $20 more than the ad-supported one.

So far, when the price of the ad-supported Kindle 8 was slashed to $49.99, the ad-free variant was selling at $69.99.

It changed today. Because starting today, you can get the ad-free Kindle 8 for only $49.99. The regular price of that variant is $99.99, so you are saving $50.

50% off? No such huge deal was offered for the basic Kindle ever, not on Prime Day, not on Black Friday, not on Cyber Monday.

Both black and white versions are on sale – and still available. That’s a good news. The bad news is that a Kindle Unlimited offer (3 months of the subscription free of charge) is gone.

What is the status of the cheaper version of Kindle 8, the one with special offers?

When we shared Kindle deals for National Reading Month 2019, the ad-supported Kindle was selling at the “usual” deal price – $49.99. However, a few hours later, the availability of the model was changed to mid-April. Now, it’s out of stock, and the only way to buy it is through Amazon Warehouse.

Kindle 8 was launched in July 2016, and was the first Kindle model with a Bluetooth module. Audible support was added in late 2017, making it ready to play audiobooks via connected Bluetooth earphones or speakers.

Now, when both Paperwhite 4 and Oasis 2 can play Audible audiobooks, a list of reasons to buy the basic Kindle has been reduced to checkbox: a price.

On a side note, you can still get a new waterproof, Audible-ready Kindle Paperwhite 4 for $99.99, instead of $129.99.

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