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9 best places to get custom iPad cases online

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Best online places to get custom iPad and iPad Pro cases and sleeves
Custom iPad cases are a perfect way to express yourself and will make a great gift for an Apple fan in your life

We’ve rounded up best online destinations that let you customize an iPad case to meet all your needs and fully express your personality.

When you buy an original iPad case, you can be sure of one thing: you are overpaying for joining a large crowd of people who are proud of using the same overpaid case.

Having an accessory with the Apple logo is a guarantee of the highest possible quality and perfection in every detail. Some users would not even think about buying anything outside the Apple store.

On the other side, you can get a third-party alternative for a fraction of the price.

We are constantly sharing the best iPad cases and accessories from around the web. Most of them are wonderful examples of creativity combined with convenience and innovation. You can choose from hundreds of designs not a few. You can get a stand, tri-fold case, keyboard case, leather sleeve, heavy-duty shell case, urban bag, or book-style stand cover. Having seven or ten stand positions not three. Available in thirty color variants not four.

Getting a unique iPad case is the best possible way to express your personality and show who you are.

What if none of the cases you’ve seen is not even close to what you are looking for? And you’ve gone through dozens of lists, and visited major online stores like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

Enter the world of personalized iPad cases and sleeves. A demand for cases that can be customized by users is quickly growing. More and more vendors see it as a serious business opportunity, and devote all their efforts to develop create-as-you-buy environment.

In general, a custom iPad case can be personalized in two ways:

  • You can add a custom element – for instance your initials, a quote, or a monogram.
  • You can design a case from scratch – using an online customization tool, you can choose the color, add own image, create text, or add stickers or filters.

In the list below, we’ve rounded up the best online destinations that offer iPad cases open for customization. Sometimes it’s about adding initials, sometimes you can play with several personalization settings.

There are other sites with custom tablet cases, naming only Redbubble or Society 6. As they don’t offer cases for the latest iPad models, we’ve ruled them out from this overview.

Remember. You are not as good as the tablet you own. It works the other way round.

Best places to get custom iPad case covers online

1. Caseable

Caseable offers hundreds of unique artworks that are available on multiple cases sleeves bags and skins

Caseable is one of our favorite sites that offer custom cases for various mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad.

You can customize any case cover in two ways.

The first option is to choose from hundreds of ready-to-use case designs. The company cooperates with hundreds of talented artists from around the world to offer only the best-designed, trendy artworks that are versatile enough to match all tastes.

The second option lets you design a case from scratch. The process is easy, interface is user-friendly, and the end result is more than enjoyable.

Best places to get custom iPad case covers - Caseable lets you design your own case from scratch

You can upload an image and set up its size and position. You can then add a filter to it (for instance, add sepia to give the image a vintage feel). Or you can personalize the cover by simply choosing a color of the background and typing a custom text, having a large number of nice typefaces to choose from.

Depending on which iPad you have, you can pick up a smart case, a book-style folio case, a zipper sleeve, laptop bag, or a skin.

For the custom iPad 9.7 Smart Cover you will pay $29.90. iPad Pro 12.9 shoulder sleeve is available for $54.90.

Our favorite designs:

Supported models: iPad Pro 12.9 (2018), iPad Pro 11 (2018), iPad 9.7 (2018 & 2017), iPad mini 4, several older models.

⇢ Caseable

2. Zazzle

Zazzle offers thousands of fully customizable iPad cases for all tastes

While Zazzle still does not offer cases tailored for the newest iPad models, it’s worth checking it out to learn about all personalization options you would use in the future.

Zazzle is one of the most popular online marketplaces, offering thousands of unique designs, including images licensed from Disney or Hallmark.

A search phrase “iPad case” returns as many as 440 thousand results. There are so many different styes and topics to choose from that my advice is to be as specific as possible.

Instead of “iPad case” write down “vintage floral iPad case,” “polka dot iPad case,” or “minimalist black white iPad case.”

The best thing about Zazzle is that most of the ready-to-use designs can be personalized. Some project come with pre-designed elements, such as the initials circle, so the only thing you have to do is write down two letters – either yours or the person you are going to give the case as a gift.

Best places for personalized iPad cases and sleeves - Zazzle customization panel

Once you open the customization panel you will quickly realize you can change every single element of the design, making it easy to create the case from scratch. The panel is not as easy as on Caseable, but multiple settings will not limit your imagination.

Prices start from $45 for a book-style folio case.

Most popular iPad searches on Zazzle:

Supported iPad models: iPad Pro 12.9 (1st and 2nd generation), iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, older models.

⇢ Zazzle

3. DODOcase

On DODOcase you can choose from over 400 thousand case combinations for Apple iPad

DODOcase offers only cases and accessories for Apple products: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch.

This approach allows the company to develop cases for the latest iPad models much earlier than competitors. What’s even more important, these cases are released when customers are actually looking for them.

Another benefit of being focused on Apple is that for each device there are several case models to choose from. For instance, if you have an iPad, you can grab personalized keyboard folio sleeve, classic folio stand, book-style fabric case, or slim backshell cover.

DODOcase offers over 400,000 custom combinations for iPad – and that’s without the monogram you can place in the customization panel called Dodomizer. Plus, you can always go for one of the stock cases.

Dodomizer lets you choose the material color and design accents

Dodomizer lets you choose the material color, decide on the accents (such as the spine) and closure. Monogramming is the only thing that needs improvement. You can’t resize the text, change its position or color. I don’t recommend using this option for now.

The cases are handmade to order, so you will have to wait for them up to 4 weeks. They are not cheap – prices start at $60.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (including the latest generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (latest generation), iPad Pro 11 (2018), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ DODOcase

4. Go Customized

Go Customized is one of the best online places to get personalized iPad and iPad Pro cases

If you are looking for slim, lightweight cases that you can put your own photo on, make sure to check out Go Customized.

The site makes it extremely easy to create personalized case designs based on uploaded images. Think of it as an advanced photo editor and collage maker for iPad cases.

You can use one of available templates and fill it with own images. Or you can pick up one of default patterns (their number is limited, though) and add stickers, text, or filters.

Personalization dashboard on Go Customized - a great destination for custom tri-fold iPad cases

Do you want to place more than one photo? No problem. Select the collage grid, upload image files, place them in the desired order, and the case is ready!

If you don’t want to use photos, you can always go with the hand-picked color, and place a custom text on it.

As the offered cases are basic either a plastic backshell or a backshell with a tri-fold cover, Go Customized is among the most affordable options you can go for. The customized case for the latest iPad 9.7 costs $39.99.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (including the latest generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (latest generation), iPad Pro 11 (2018), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Go Customized

5. My Custom Case

Best places to get custom iPad and iPad Pro case covers - My Custom Case

My Custom Case lets you create a custom iPad case, but the approach to creative process is different from the options we’ve seen above.

Instead of creating the case from scratch, and digging into images, patterns, colors, and fonts, My Custom Case makes things easier – you won’t get lost in endless possibilities.

You can pick up one of one hundred artworks (all are extremely cute). Then you can pick up one of a few background color variants, a few fonts, and a few emblem designs.

My Custom Case lets you easily create cute designs for your iPad folio case

Not having too much flexibility is a good thing. You don’t need to have advanced design skills to come up with a great-looking designer iPad case.

All cases are a solid folio design and come ready for text personalization, but you can remove the text element entirely, as well. The prices start from $40.

Supported iPad models: Latest iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 12.9 (1st and 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5, older models.

⇢ My Custom Case

6. Too Good Cases

Best places to get iPad covers online - Too Good Cases

If you want a case to be more personal and far more crazy than the standard black or brown models that are widely available on the web, make sure to check out Too Good Cases.

The platform offers handmade folio iPad cases. Its biggest benefit is a large selection of designs combining different colors of front, spine, closing strap, and shell.

Some of the color variants are unexpected and attention-grabbing – something you would not see in the classic book-style stand case.

You can personalize each case with an inscription that will be printed on the spine. However, there is no way to preview how the text would look like.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (latest and previous generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (both generations), iPad Pro 10.5, iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Too Good Cases

7. Case Company

Case Company is among the best places to get custom iPad case covers

Case Company is not just another website that offers personalized iPad cases. It stands out when it comes to quality of artworks and the friendliness of the configuration panel.

You have three options at hand: create your own case, choose one of hundreds of available artworks, and go for CityMarble.

The last option is amazing. It lets you create an iPad case looking like a map, for instance the city you live in or the place you dream of going to.

Case Company lets create amazing iPad case using the map graphics

CityMarble is a stunning example of how impressive the map can become if you only modify it to look less like a map. The net of streets, pavements and park spaces shown in trendy color combinations is the hell of a modern iPad and iPhone case!

You can choose to put the design on either the smart cover (no backshell) or smart case (all-around protection). Both are slim and lightweight. Prices start from $35.

Supported iPad models: iPad Pro 12.9, iPad (2017 & 2018), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Case Company

8. Etsy

Best places to get custom iPad and iPad Pro cases and sleeves - Etsy

Etsy is the largest and world’s most loved online marketplace with handmade and vintage goods. You can find here everything you’d ever need in your life: from home decor to clothing, to jewelry, to posters, to personal items. Obviously, there are also a lot of iPhone and iPad cases, sleeves, and accessories.

As the site offers items created by individual artists and artisans, you will have to apply a different method to browse for personalized iPad cases and sleeves. Unlike in the platforms presented above, not all iPad sleeves can be personalized by default.

The search phrase “custom iPad case” returns about 5,000 items. Find a case or sleeve you like and follow the seller’s remarks to place your personalization request.

Personalized iPad sleeve from City Sheep Store on Etsy

Best Etsy shops offering custom iPad cases and sleeves:

  • Capra Leather – genuine leather custom-engraved iPad sleeves.
  • One Love Case – beautiful nature-inspired images printed on slim backshell cases.
  • Studio B Design – premium leather journals that double as iPad sleeves. You can order monograms in one of beautifully designed logos.
  • Popeq – high-quality leather & felt jackets with a free monogram option.
  • Feel Felt – unique leather sleeves that can be personalized on request.
  • City Sheep Shore – premium iPad sleeves made of genuine leather and felt. You can order a custom monogram.

Supported iPad models: iPad 9.7 (2nd and 1st generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (all generations), iPad Pro 11, iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Etsy

9. Amazon

Best places to get custom iPad and iPad Pro case covers and sleeves - Amazon

It is a convenient option for everyone who already has an account on Amazon and doesn’t want to register in another online store to buy a single item.

You can start searching for personalized iPad cases and sleeves by going to Amazon Handmade – a section that’s similar to Etsy. Individual artisans use the giant online retail platform to sell their goods that are usually hand-crafted to order.

If you, however, are not only looking for leather & felt sleeves or folio cases crafted using traditional bookbinding techniques, make sure to search the entire Amazon.

A search phrase “custom ipad case” will show you about 3,000 results. You can also search for custom iPad cases in the Amazon store localized in your country. Most of them are cases with custom print, similar to what you can get on Zazzle or Go Customized.

Custom iPad cases from Alpha Covers are available on Amazon

Best custom iPad cases you can find on Amazon:

  • Alpha Covers – smart cases with beautiful double sided designs and the option to add custom name.
  • Wonder Wild – floral or watercolor artworks on smart-shell iPad covers. Some variants come with an option to add custom initials.
  • D&M Leather Studio – genuine leather iPad sleeves. You can order the seller to engrave custom text.
  • Head Case Designs – a producer offers hundreds of themed cases for mobile devices, including iPad.
  • Capra Leather – original minimalist iPad sleeves made of genuine leather with custom monogram as an option.

Supported iPad models: iPad Pro 12.9 (all generations), iPad Pro 11, iPad 9.7 (2nd and 1st generation), iPad mini 4, older models.

⇢ Amazon

• • •

Where to buy iPad cases and accessories

If you are still hesitating whether to buy a personalized case or go for one of the proven and best-rated designs, make sure to explore these online destinations on top of searching the Apple store.

Amazon – the giant online store offers the biggest selection of all kinds of case covers and accessories. If we had to pick up one web destination for everything related to iPad, it would be Amazon – especially now after the retailer nailed a deal with Apple to offer iPads in the authorized reseller channel.

Best Buy – the range of offered accessories is pretty limited, but the online store is worth checking out if you want to buy cases and accessories at reduced prices.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable iPad case covers and accessories. Sometimes, you can find here the case that’s the same as the branded one you’ve found on Amazon but costs two-thirds of the price.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. There are a plenty of unique iPad sleeves and jackets to choose from. Most of them are handmade to order; many can be personalized.

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