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How coronavirus affected reading habits in 2020 (infographic)

Which country reads the most in 2020

35% of the world read more due to the pandemic. Print books sales decrease as people turn to ebooks. Readers are rediscovering apocalyptic fiction.

2020 is the year of the pandemic. Millions of people were locked at their home during the first wave of coronavirus. And it seems, the second wave will keep us at homes as well.

How did coronavirus change our attitude towards books? Have we adjusted our reading habits? What books were most popular?

You will find answers in a fresh new infographic from Global English Editing, a leading professional editing online platform for academic and business writing. The visual is a part of an ongoing series that tracks reading habits around the world.

The 2020 edition of World Reading Habits takes a closer look at data that connects reading to the pandemic.

  • 35% of the world read more due to the coronavirus. 14% of people say they read significantly more.
  • Top 3 countries where users read more because of the coronavirus are China (44%), Spain (42%), and Italy (36%).
  • Printed books still drive more revenue than ebooks or audiobooks. However, their sales fall because of the coronavirus. More users turn to safer and quicker ways of acquiring new reads.
  • 40% pf Millennials read more books because of the virus, followed by Gen Z (34%) and Gen X (31%).

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

World reading habits in 2020 full infographic

Via Global English Editing Blog.

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