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This clever device brings popular Kindle feature to paper books

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WordGlo front light for print books

The two-in-one reading lamp and bookmark from WordGlo illuminates words in a book, not the entire room.

One of the most sought-after Kindle features is a built-in front-light that enables you to read in the dark thanks to evenly distributed light coming from tiny LED lamps located on the edges of the display.

Anyone who was using a front-lighted e-reader realized that a traditional bedside lamp has its disadvantages. Yes, it creates a warm evening lighting that turns you into a reading mood. However, the reading lamp can’t be used personally – it is usually too bright for anyone who is in the same room but prefers to sleep.

The front light in Kindle models and other e-readers solves two problems.

First, it makes the text readable in any lighting condition. LED lights produce a glow on a screen surface that you can adjust to your needs and current lighting.

Secondly – and it’s even more important – the light hardly leaves the surface of the Kindle’s display. Thanks to that, you can read in a bed next to your significant other and you both are happy.

Did you know you can bring the front light benefits to your print books? WordGlo has released a patent-pending device that combines two benefits:

  • It produces an even light on a surface of a print book the way front light in e-readers works – there are LED lamps on the side that spread the light within a thin glass panel.
  • It can be used as a bookmark – simply leave WordGlo where it is – it’s thin and lightweight enough to be kept in a closed book.

What’s great about the light that you keep exactly at what to want to see is that it’s easy on the eyes. You don’t have to use a very light reading lamp to see the text if change your position.

The company claims the two-in-one front light can be used with e-readers as well. It means you can use it with your older Kindle model that’s not equipped with the front light.

WordGlo like Kindle front light

WordGlo comes with a rechargeable battery which works for up to 30 hours, so you will need to recharge every few days if you are an avid book reader.

The only thing I miss in WordGlo is warm light control. As you probably know, this helpful feature will most probably come to Kindle Paperwhite 5. It reduces the level of blue light in the evening to minimize negative effects bedtime light-exposure has on sleep quality.

The front-light and bookmark for print books costs right now $24.99 ($49.99). The company offers 30-day guarantee and ships the product worldwide.

For the time being, WordGlo is being sold only through the company’s website, but we expect it to be offered on Amazon sooner or later.

⇢ WordGlo

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