Which book to read next – the ultimate chart for busy people

Which book should I read next - first question

Life is short. There are so many books you’d love to read. Don’t pick up a book that you don’t enjoy or that does not inspire you to move forward.

Vernieda Vergara has created for Book Riot a simple and entertaining flowchart that will help you choose the book genre you should try next.

The flowchart differs from other ones we’ve shared so far. It’s the first question. The question that’s 100% relevant in times of busy life and information overload: “Do you read in small chunks?”

Some readers would love to spend long hours with their favorite books, but they have too many duties which take too much time. Therefore, the only way to continue reading is to read in small bits – and to use every single chance to open a book during a day.

If you’re really busy, maybe reading that 1000-page epic fantasy novel might not be the best choice. If you can only read in stolen bits of time, a short story collection or anthology would be a good option because you can read one story at a time without needing to worry about remembering plot.

Click or tap the flowchart to see it in full resolution.

Which book should I read next - Book Riot flowchart for busy readers

Via Book Riot.

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