How to see Kindle price drops that are tailored for you

Kindle Price Drops for You - a new section of Kindle Deals
Kindle price drops based on user's browsing history
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Did you know you can easily check out discounted Kindle books based on your browsing history?

I’ve seen this feature once or twice already, and, as still no one has written about it, I’d like to share it with you.

When you visit Amazon website, and enter Kindle Deals home page, right below today’s Kindle deals you should be able to see a section called “Price Drops for You.”

It’s similar to “Recommended for You” and all other auto-generated lists based on user’s browsing and purchasing history – with the exception that it includes Kindle books whose prices are currently slashed.

A day or two I’ve been going through history books that are available in Kindle Unlimited, and compared them with Amazon Prime Reading. The “Price Drops for You” list very well reflects my recent activity.

Kindle Price Drops for You - a new section of Kindle Deals

I have checked out a few books, and they are included in a catalog of current Monthly Kindle Deals for $3.99 or less. So, at a basic level, this new feature is the easiest and quickest way to explore monthly deals.

However, as you are well aware of, there are thousands of Kindle books that get price cuts every day – and only a small chunk of them makes it to official Kindle Deals directory.

This new feature will help you easier find deals on books that you are really interested in. If you want to learn more about getting the best ebook deals, make sure to check out our extensive guide to Kindle deals and sales.

⇢ Kindle Price Drops for You

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