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What is Show Mode Charging Dock and should I buy it?

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All-new Show Mode Charging Dock for Amazon Fire HD tablets

All-new Show Mode Charging Dock enables your Amazon Fire tablet to use full-screen Alexa optimized for visibility across the room / Images: Amazon

The 3-in-1 accessory turns Amazon Fire tablet into Alexa-activated smart assistant which can provide audio and video responses.

Have you ever considered getting Echo Show, Amazon’s $230 advanced Alexa-powered smart speaker?

Do you know that you can get the similar device for a much lower price? You may have that device at home, already. If your Amazon Fire HD 8 or HD 10 was released in 2017 or later, you can turn it into Echo Show the moment you stop reading this article.

And Show Mode Charging Dock is the easiest way of using Amazon Fire the Echo Show way.

The accessory launched this summer, and, having in mind how heavily Amazon promotes it already, it may become one of the hottest gadgets of Black Friday 2018.

Is Show Mode Charging Dock worth its money? It puts Amazon Fire halfway between tablets and smart speakers, and its price is comparable to top-quality case covers:

As you see, even when you buy the 10-inch Fire HD with the charging dock, you will pay less than for the 2nd-generation Echo Show.

What is Show Mode Charging Dock?

Show Mode Charging Dock is a charging stand that automatically enables Show Mode on your Amazon Fire.

What is Show Mode? It’s a special interface that enables Alexa on your Fire to provide not only audio but also video responses.

When Show Mode is turned on, you can see from a distance what’s on the display. The letters are bigger and bolder; the interface is designed to provide the visual information in sync with Alexa’s voice.

What is Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock

Show Mode Charging Dock transform your Fire into a powerful Alexa-enabled smart assistant / Image: Amazon

Show Mode consists of two elements:

  • a backshell case – when you put the case on, you can use it the same way as any other backshell case. It has a special cap that you put on the charging port to enable automatic charging when docked,
  • an adjustable charging stand – when you dock the tablet, it will be automatically aligned into the right position thanks to built-in magnets. The moment the connection is made, the stand automatically starts charging the Fire, and the Show Mode on the tablet is automatically turned on.

As you see, the moment you dock the tablet, you do two things at once: start charging the tablet and enable Alexa to display visual information in Show Mode.

The Show Mode Charging Dock replaces three accessories:

  • the case – it’s not a case with a front cover, so you will probably want to get a screen protector,
  • the charger – no cable mess, but on the other side, if you’d want to charge the tablet anywhere else, you’ll need to have a separate charger,
  • the stand – opposite to a stand case, you’ll need to put it in one place once and for good, as it always needs to be connected to the power source.
When you dock your Fire in the Show Mode Charging Dock it will immediately enable Show Mode

When you dock your Fire in the Show Mode Charging Dock, it will immediately enable Show Mode and start charging / Image: Amazon

Should I buy Show Mode Charging Dock?

If you are hunting for shiny new gadgets, you won’t need the following advice. You’ll probably add Show Mode dock to your cart the moment you buy Amazon Fire.

When you don’t need it

Your Amazon Fire tablet can take advantage of all possibilities the Show Mode gives without the Show Mode Charging Dock.

All you need is a stand. You can buy a universal tablet stand or use a dedicated Fire stand case. Put the Fire on a stand (or fold the case), and place it where you want the tablet to respond to your Alexa commands. Make sure to plug the Fire to the power source, as the Show Mode drains the battery very fast.

Now, the only thing is to enable Show Mode manually. You can do it by swiping the Quick Access menu from the top edge of the screen and toggle the Show Mode option.

When you need it

Even if you are not a gadget hunter, you may conclude that Show Mode Charging Dock is something you want.

As I already mentioned, the most significant benefit of Show Mode dock is that you get three accessories in one: a case, a stand, and a charger.

If you don’t have the stand or standing case, but think you’d use the Alexa and Show Mode on your Fire quite often, there is no need to invest in a bunch of accessories if you can have just one.

On top of all pros and cons, you have to keep in mind that Show Mode Charging Dock is the easiest way to turn all possibilities of Alexa on your Fire tablet – just dock the device and start speaking.

Show Mode Charging Dock simple to set up

Show Mode Charging Dock is simple to set up and use / Image: Amazon

Show Mode Charging Dock – buying options

Fire HD 8 Fire HD 10
Sold separately $39.99 $39.99
Bundled with the tablet $109.98

• • •

Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 8 tablet

Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock

  • For: Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10
  • Compatible: 2017 and 2018 models

Transform the tablet so Alexa can show you things
Just dock your tablet and automatically switch to Show Mode, a full-screen experience where Alexa can show news, alarms, calendars, timers, reminders, video Flash Briefings, weather, live camera feeds from the nursery or front door, and more.

Easily dock and charge your tablet
Magnetically dock your Amazon Fire tablet to the adjustable stand for convenient charging, then tilt to the perfect viewing angle.

Connect with people who matter most
Just ask Alexa to call or message almost anyone or make hands-free video calls to friends and family who have a Fire tablet, Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the Alexa app.

Set it up easily
Put the case on your tablet and connect the micro-USB connector. Then plug the stand. Then dock your tablet and automatically switch to Show Mode.

⇢ Show Dock

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