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How to save Valentine’s Day by good grammar (infographic)

Valentine's Day grammar

Bad grammar can ruin your relationship with the beloved person. Love at first sight may be ruined by the first typo.

Grammarly, world’s leading spell-checking platform, analyzed 10,000 eHarmony profiles for grammar and punctuation errors.

The infographic leads to a conclusion that both women and men think that in a potential relationship grammar is more important than confidence. “Be sure to proofread, and don’t let a typo stop you from finding true love!”

Michael Mager, Marketing Analyst at Grammarly, said:

We found it interesting that just two spelling errors in a man’s profile hurt his chances of finding a date by 14%. That certainly demonstrates how important clear communication is, and what a big impact written language has.

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Save Valentine's Day by good grammar #infographic

Via AskMen.

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