19 Valentine’s Day gifts for the book lover in your life

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The best Valentine's Day gift ideas for the most loved person in your life

If you are looking for gift ideas for your significant other who loves books, take a look at the list below.

A necklace made from miniature books. Cufflinks with embedded pages from classic novels. A pendant with a quote from a beloved author. A tiny bottle with a passage from a favorite book.

These are just a few ideas for personal items bibliophiles would love to receive.

A gift for the person you love should prove you know this person very well. There is nothing better than a gift that can be personalized. There are many of such gifts available on the web.

We’ve picked the best ones so that you could spend more time on writing your wishes.

When you find an item that can be customized, you can select one of several designs or motives, add your own text or picture, or even design the item completely. Below the list, you’ll find a few online stores that will enable you to personalize the gift of your choice.

In the times of the Kindle, many book lovers miss the magic smell of old books. We share some of the items below, but make sure to explore the entire list of book-scented perfumes and candles.

Have you found a great gift idea that should be featured on this list? We’d love to hear your opinion. Please share it in the comments below, or reach us on social media. We’re waiting for your thoughts!

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This updated list of the best literary gifts for book lovers includes home decor, clothing, candles, accessories, jewelry, and e-reader case covers.

19 Valentine’s Day gifts for the book lover in your life


Valentine Book Confetti Filled Bauble

Valentine Book Confetti Filled Bubble. Literally the perfect literary Valentine’s Day for a book lover in your life – a handmade decorated bauble filled with book paper hearts cut from French literature.

The bubble measures 3.15 in (80 mm) and is made of a tough shatterproof plastic, so much safer than thin glass. It’s decorated with “Valentine” handwritten in red and a heart charm on top. ⇢ Etsy – $13.99.


Best Valentines Day gifts - Literary Candle Set from Obvious State

William Shakespeare Literary Candle Set. From Obvious State comes a new exciting handmade item every book lover will be grateful to receive. It’s a literary candle, with a quote by William Shakespeare: “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed…”

The candle, offered in a beautifully designed jar, is infused with natural essential oils, including fir, balsam, citrus, cedarwood, and moss. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $32.


Valentine's Day gift ideas for her: Jane Austen Literary Bubble Necklace

Jane Austen Literary Bubble Necklace. An insanely cute necklace from Mummybird Pretties features a small glass bubble with a cut text from a page of the classic literary love story – Pride & Prejudice. ⇢ Etsy – $17.60.


A Set of Tea Blends Inspired by Classic Literary Love Stories - Valentine's Day gift ideas

A Collection of Literary Teas. This set of tea blends will make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It comes from Literary Tea Company and consists of six addictive tea blends that are inspired by classic literary love stories.

Just take a look: Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby. You can order this tea set in a gift box that includes also a stylish love-inspired infuser. ⇢ Etsy – $11.99.


Dorian Gray Literary Scarf - Valentine's Day gifts for book lovers

Dorian Gray Literary Scarf. This beautiful literary scarf will be an elegant accessory for any outfit.

Accompanied by caramel and brown design elements, the scarf is 63 inches long and features some of the most famous quotes from The Picture of Dorian Gray. “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $49.90.


Miniature book necklace

Miniature book necklace. Reminiscent of an old world stack of school books, this set of 3 tiny books is a perfect gift for anyone who loves books and loves to read. Each book is approximately 3/4 in long. Book colors are assorted, but you can message the shop owner if you have a preference for the color or order.

The necklace comes wrapped in tissue in a pretty organza drawstring bag, ready for gift-giving. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $25.


Wizard of Oz Steampunk Charm Bracelet

“Wizard of Oz” Steampunk Charm Bracelet.Steampunk Wolf Shop offers on Amazon Handmade a rich-in-form bracelet referring to the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy’s red shoes take center stage while the tin man, cowardly lion, and scarecrow surround her.

The bracelet includes red and moonlight Swarovski crystals. It’s finished in antique silver over brass or copper or bronze. ⇢ Amazon – $32.


Nevermore Slim Brass Cuff Bangle

“Nevermore” Slim Brass Cuff Bangle. Theis brass cuff features the quote from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe: “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.”

The artwork has a translucent finish so you will be able to see the patina of the brass underneath. It’s easily adjustable to customize the fit to your wrist by using slight pressure once. ⇢ Etsy – $38.


Book Page Bead Necklace

Book Page Bead Necklace. This elegant necklace will surely become every woman’s favorite piece of jewelry. The 10-mm bead is covered with a page of a book.

This particular piece is ready to be sold, but you can contact the shop owner via the online contact form, and there are big chances to make the necklace with a text from the giftee’s favorite book.

There are many other wonderful bookish personal items in the Nelli Joy shop. ⇢ Etsy – $13.99.


Gifts for book lovers; Book Worm Wrap Ring

Book Worm Adjustable Wrap Ring. This wrap twist ring from The Silver Diva is a great gift for the lover of books. The ring is hand-crafted from aluminum, with a text “Book Worm” on the outside and the book stamp on the inside.

The ring can be made to order in any size from 5 to 15 and the ring is fully adjustable. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $10.


Wuthering Heights Quote Necklace

Wuthering Heights Long Brass Bar Pendant

Wuthering Heights Long Brass Bar Pendant. This long brass bar necklace is a perfect gift for the book-loving woman in your life. It features the quote from Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë: “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same.”

The quote is spread over the four sides of the solid brass pendant that comes with a gold-plated 18-inch (45cm) chain. ⇢ Etsy – $32.


Personalised Naming Book Cufflinks

Personalized Naming Book Cufflinks. Fabulous handmade silver tone finish cufflinks look great on any cuff. The text will be personalized to your order. Your chosen names will be highlighted and clearly visible, printed in black on a white background.

Image area on each cufflink is approximately 1.5 cm. ⇢ Not on the High Street – $46.


Wine and a Good Book Expandable Charm Bracelet

Wine and a Good Book Expandable Charm Bracelet. The bracelet features the wine and book elements. The charms are securely attached to a silver plated bangle bracelet that, thanks to double loop, smoothly adjusts for a perfect fit. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $24.99.


Shes the Beautiful Characters Literary Mug

She’s the Beautiful Characters Literary Mug. A white 11-oz mug features a stylish typographic design of a text: “She’s the beautiful characters that mesmerized her in her favorite books. She’s full of dreams, and in hopes that one day they will all come true.”

The mug is handcrafted with special ink and heat-pressed by hand at home. Packed in a steady cardboard box. ⇢ Etsy – $16.


Best bookish gifts: 221B Baker Street Soy Candle

221B Baker Street Soy Candle. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, this eco-friendly soy candle is a mixture of black tea and just a hint of the leather of old books. Perfect not only for fans of the famous detective and his trusty companion.

From the Page offers soy candles in thirty fragrances. Besides Sherlock Holmes, you’ll see here Winterfell, Nevermore, Narnia Forest, or Gatsby’s Shoreline. ⇢ Etsy – $11.99.


Valentine's Day home decor ideas - Dusty Bookshelf scented Candle

Form & Flux “Dusty Bookshelf” Scented Candle. This soy wax candle, designed and hand-crafted by Form & Flux, gives a marvelous feeling similar to that of being surrounded by shelves filled with books.

Light the candle and you’ll feel the aromas of musk, sandalwood, tea, and spice. Just like all other Form & Flux candles, “Dusty Bookshelf” is made with natural soy wax and essential oils. The minimum burn time is 25 hours. ⇢ Etsy – $19.30.


Valentine's Day gifts and accessories: Love Poem in a Bottle Necklace

Love Poem in a Bottle Necklace. Are you looking for a jewelry that would contain a bottle where you could put a secret love message? Take a look at the necklace hand-crafted by That Charmed Girl.

Inside the tiny glass bottle, there is entire text of the poem by E.E. Cummings, “I carry your heart with me.” The necklace includes also an antique skeleton key, red crystal heart, and a pewter rose. ⇢ Etsy – $36.


Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton Literary Soap - Valentines Day gifts and accessories

Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton Literary Soap. Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath enjoyed several martinis together.

“Just like these two deep, brilliant women, these sweet and salty brine bars are a little rough around the edges. And who knows: this silky, creamy bar might make you an iconic poet.” ⇢ Etsy – $6.99.


Valentine's Day home decor ideas - Book Paper Rose Bouquet

Book Paper Rose Bouquet. Finally, a classic Valentine – flowers made of paper. Take a look at this gorgeous bunch of carefully handmade old English book paper roses.

The bunch includes five or six roses on rustic wooden sticks. ⇢ Amazon Handmade – $39.99.

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Where to buy literary gifts?

Have you found on this list the gift you love? If not, make sure to explore these great sites for more gift recommendations.

Amazon Handmade – many users find gifts on Amazon. When you search the entire store, you may easily get disappointed with too many items that look cheap. However, in Amazon’s sub store called Handmade, you can find goods that are beautifully hand-crafted to order and can be personalized.

Not on the High Street – the site is a default online destination for gift-seeking users from the UK. If you want to find inspiration for homemade gift ideas, this is the site you should check out.

Zazzle – it’s one of the largest online destinations for gifts and accessories of all kinds. You can pick up an artwork and choose the item you want it on. If you prefer to use your own photo or design – you can do it! A customized literary gift? Try Zazzle.

Redbubble – a marketplace for custom designed items, including prints, stationery, cases & covers, or t-shirts. Opposite to other sites, such as CafePress, the quality of artwork is much higher.

Etsy – visit Etsy and you’ll immediately realize it’s loaded with gorgeous gifts any book lover would be grateful to receive. As all items are made to order, there are several ways to add a personal message – also for the bookish items listed above.

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