All the lovely deals on Amazon devices in one handy list – Kindle, Fire, and Echo

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All Valentine's Day 2018 deals and special offers on Amazon devices - Kindle, Fire, and Echo

Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Echo smart speakers – they all are offered at reduced prices for Valentine’s Day 2018.

Valentine’s Day is not about flowers and chocolate any longer. Surely, most people in love are still looking for best ways to spend time together.

Hotel weekends, spa packages, or exclusive dinners will always be on top of most sought-after offers in February. However, if you want to surprise the person you love with a different kind of gift, you start looking for other ideas.

The biggest retailers have spotted the growing demand and started offering special
deals and promotions addressed to those who want to celebrate the day of love.

The deals are not as deep as during Cyber Monday or Prime Day, but they are clearly the most attractive to get in the first quarter of the year.

Even if you are not planning to buy the gift for your significant other, you can be sure the beginning of February is the best time to hunt for deals on the device you need.

As Valentine’s Day becomes more and more shopping oriented, sellers decide to push sales by lowering prices. There are hundreds of deals joining every day. We’ve collected them in a list of the best Valentine’s Day 2018 deals on books, gadgets, and gifts.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: a round-up of Amazon device deals

Deals on Kindle e-readers

Valentine's Day 2018 special offers and deals on Kindle e-readers

The general rule is that the price cut is by $10 less attractive than on Cyber Monday 2018. So, if we’ve seen the discount on Kindle Paperwhite set at $30, now it’s $20.

If there are any new deals, they will appear first on Amazon’s Kindle e-readers home page.

  • Top deal: get Kindle Paperwhite Valentine Gift Bundle for under $150 – Amazon has released a special bundle with an attractive price tag that will make it an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. The bundle includes three elements: the front-lighted Kindle Paperwhite (in black), Amazon Leather Cover, and a fashionable bag. You can choose from five colors of the cover. You can also decide whether you like a tote or shoulder travel bag. Depending on the option, you will pay between $146.99 and $149.99. The elements bought separately would cost you well above $200,
  • save 25% on the basic Kindle – this is the most affordable Kindle model. It doesn’t have the front-lighted display, but it does have the touchscreen. The Valentine’s Day 2018 deal is not as deep as during Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 (the price was reduced by $30), but it’s still attractive. The saving is 25%, as the price goes down by $20, from $79.99 to $59.99,
  • $20 off Kindle Paperwhite – Amazon’s most popular e-reader is the best value for money. It sports the front-lighted display and comes in two colors, White and Black. The price of the e-reader is reduced for Valentine’s Day 2018 by 17% to $99.99 from $119.99 for the cheapest version with Wi-Fi and special offers,
  • save $40 on Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle – in the bundle, you’ll get the latest-generation Kindle Paperwhite (only one option is available – Black), Amazon’s original leather cover, and 5W power adapter. The total value of the bundle is $179.97. With the discount of $40, you’ll pay now $139.97, which is a 22% saving,
  • $25 off Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle – so far, there is no Valentine’s Day deal on the Kindle Voyage, but you can save on the bundle. It includes the latest-generation Voyage ($199.99), Amazon’s original leather case cover worth $59.99, and Amazon 5W power adapter ($19.99). There is $25 to save, and you will pay $254.97 instead of $279.97,
  • $35 off Kindle Essentials Bundle – the bundle includes the 8th-generation Kindle e-reader with ads ($79.99), Amazon’s original Kindle case cover ($29.99), and Amazon 5W power adapter ($19.99). The total price is $129.97, but you can get it now for $94.97,
  • 36% off Kindle for Kids Bundle – a great idea for your book-loving kid – the bundle includes the basic Kindle, durable case cover, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. Now you can get it for $79.99, and keep 36% in your pocket ($124.98),
  • save up to $70 on Kindle Paperwhite with trade-in – if you decide to replace your old kindle, you can save even $70 on the Kindle Paperwhite. You’ll get $50 promotional credit plus Gift Card with eligible trade-in. You can also get a $20 promotional credit towards Kindle, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis, or the Kindle for Kids bundle.

Deals on Amazon Fire tablets

Valentine's Day 2018 deals and special offers on Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon’s subpage of all currently offered Fire tablets is the best way to check out the newest deals quickly. Both Fire tablets and Fire bundles are listed there, together with price information that includes discounts.

Below, there are Valentine’s Day 2018 Fire deals we grabbed at the time of updating the post.

  • Top deal: $20 off Fire HD 8 tablet – The middle-size Fire with the reduced price is the best value for money. It features the 8-inch high-definition display and is Alexa enabled. You can get it for $59.99 instead of $79.99. Your saving is 25%, compared to 33% during Cyber Monday,
  • Top deal: Fire 7 tablet for $39.99 – if you are looking for the most affordable option, you should take a look at the 7-inch Fire. The 2017 generation is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and is offered in new bright warm colors. The Fire 7 price is slashed by 20%, from the regular $49.99, so in the end you’ll pay $39.99 – $10 higher than on Black Friday, but $10 lower than regular,
  • save $30 on all-new Fire HD 10 – the newest 10-inch Fire is a powerful entertainment machine. It combines widescreen 1080p Full HD display (1920 × 1200 px, 224 ppi) with hands-free Alexa voice assistant. The list price is $149.99, but you can get the tablet for $119.99 (the price for Cyber Monday was set at $100),
  • save $20 on Fire 7 Kids Edition – the edition includes the 2017 Fire 7, a heavy-duty case for kids, a 2-year worry-free guarantee, and 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. The price is set at $79.99 until Valentine’s Day 2018 – down 20% from $99.99,
  • save $30 on Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – every Fire tablet is offered also as a bundle for kids. Again, the bundle includes Fire tablet plus kid-prof case plus 2-year guarantee plus 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. The price has been slashed by $30, so your price is $89.99 instead of $129.99,
  • buy two Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets and save $60 – the 8-inch Fire tablet with the HD display comes with a worry-free guarantee and a solid heavy-duty case. For the bundle of two such tablets (in two different colors), you can pay $199.98. Bought separately, they cost $259.98.

Deals on Echo smart speakers

Valentine's Day 2018 deals and special offers on Amazon Echo smart speakers

Echo and other Alexa devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

You can check out the entire list of Echo and Alexa devices on Amazon, where you will be able to compare Echo smart speakers or see price changes.

Besides dedicated Echo speakers, you can also use Alexa on a range of Fire tablets.

It’s worth mentioning that the range of Echo speakers that are on sale now is wider than during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Top deal: get Amazon Echo Dot for $39.99 – with Echo Dot you can bring Alexa to any room – especially now when the smart speaker has the price reduced by $10, to $39.99. It makes the saving of 20%. You can also get Echo Dot bundled with Fire TV Stick or TP-Link Plug,
  • Top deal: $50 to save with Echo Show – Echo Show was introduced in June 2017. It’s the smart speaker with a large 7-inch touchscreen display and powerful, room-filling Dolby speakers. The deal is huge – you can save $50, and pay $179.99 instead of $229.99. The saving is enough to buy an Echo Dot or Fire 7 tablet,
  • save $15 on Amazon Echo – the 2nd-generation Echo features improved sound, trendy shape, and comes in six colors that will fit any interior design. The speaker costs normally $99.99, but you can get in until the mid-February for $84.99, which makes the 15% saving,
  • save $15 on Echo Spot – Spot is a stylish compact Echo with a round 2.5″ screen. It comes in two colors: Black and White. Released in September 2017, it’s already on sale. The regular price of $129.99 is replaced by $114.99 until Valentine’s Day. You can also save $30 on the bundle of Echo Spot and TP-Link Smart Bulb,
  • buy Echo Plus and get Philips Hue Bulb free – Echo Plus with built-in Hub costs $149.99, but you can get it now bundled with Philips Hue Bulb worth $14.99 – at no additional cost.

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