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This smart, detachable Apple Pencil holder snaps to most iPad Pro cases

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Twelve South Pencil Snap is a detachable Apple Pencil holder that snaps with magnets to almost any iPad pro case

Twelve South’s newly-released $29.99 Pencil Snap pen holder gives you a much-needed flexibility in using Apple Pencil.

The biggest problem with Apple Pencil is that you don’t always need it.

Sometimes you just want to take your iPad Pro, but leave the Apple Pencil at home.

Leaving Apple Pencil without the cover? Surely something terrible is going to happen. I’d rather take it with the iPad, especially that I invested in a super-duper case that has a built-in pencil holder.

You see, no matter how you approach the problem, the best solution is called “flexibility.”

Flexibility is what a standalone holder for Apple Pencil can guarantee. You could attach it to your iPad Pro case when you need it, store in a separate pocket of your suitcase if that’s more convenient, or leave on a bedside table without worry. It will still be useful after you replace your old 9.7-inch iPad Pro with the newest 12.9 model.

Meet Pencil Snap. This little thing will solve your Apple Pencil problem once and for good.

Pencil Snap was released by Twelve South, the company behind several smart high-end accessories for Apple computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The new Apple Pencil holster costs $29.99 and is made of soft, genuine leather. It’s available in two colors, Black or Cognac, which will go well with almost every color you pick up for your iPad Pro case.

Opposite to other standalone Apple Pencil holders for iPad Pro cases, which have a strap you have to put on the front, the Pencil Snap is smarter. No strap, just magnets.

PencilSnap is outfitted with a series of strong little hidden magnets that let you attach this handy holster to your Apple Smart Cover or Apple Smart Keyboard. When you head down the hall for a meeting or take your iPad Pro from the kitchen to the sofa, you’ll have everything you need in one spot. Say goodbye to the where’s my Pencil? conundrum!

Most of the iPad cases, not only the ones from Apple but also offered by third-party producers, have magnets embedded in the front cover. These magnets are used to keep the case securely closed, and to work with iPad’s auto wake/sleep feature – activate the tablet on opening, and put it to sleep on closing.

Pencil Snap holder has a row of little but strong magnets that can snap to the ones embedded in the case. On Twelve South’s website, we read that the holder is designed to work with any Apple Smart Cover, Apple Smart Keyboard, or Twelve South SurfacePad.

However, on Twelve South Pencil Snap page on Amazon, you can find information that the holster “magnetically attaches to most iPad cases.” It means you can snap it to any iPad case that supports auto wake/sleep.

⇢ Pencil Snap

Detachable Pencil Snap Apple Pencil holder for iPad Pro

Pencil Snap can be attached to any iPad case that supports auto wake fuction

Pencil Snap is a smart standalone Apple Pencil holster

Pencil Span Apple Pencil magnetic holder is available in two colors

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