Amazon Prime monthly fee is raised by 18%, to $12.99

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Amazon is raising the monthly rate of Prime membership from $10.99 to $12.99

Amazon has just raised the price of the monthly Prime membership by 18% – from $10.99 to $12.99. The yearly fee remains at $99.

Do you subscribe to Amazon Prime program? Which plan are you on: monthly or yearly?

If you decided to go for an Amazon Prime subscription renewed every month, you need to know its price has just been raised by Amazon.

So far, you’ve been paying for the service $10.99 per month. From now on, the price is raised to $12.99, which is 18% change.

New Prime subscribers will pay the new price immediately. Existing monthly Prime members will see the new price for renewals happening after February 18, 2018. A monthly fee for a Prime Student discounted membership has also been increased, from $5.49 to $6.49.

The yearly fee of Amazon Prime stays at the same level – $99. And Prime Student remains at $49.

The price of the yearly subscription was raised once, in March 2014, from $79 to $99, although Amazon was considering giving it the $119/year price tag.

The $120 didn’t happen four years ago, but it’s more and more probable with new services being continuously added to the pool of benefits, naming only Audible Channels and Prime Reading.

Many monthly Prime subscribers will probably start thinking about getting the annual plan, while it’s still kept under $100.

What does the price increase of Amazon Prime mean to the family budget?

So far, for a monthly subscription, you’d been spending $10.99 × 12 = $131.88. If you accept the new price (it means: if you do nothing with your subscription), in a year from now the total cost of the Prime membership for your family will be $12.99 × 12 = $155.88. It’s $24 more compared to the previous monthly rate, and $56.88 more compared to the 12-month subscription plan.

Do you think you’d need to revise the subscription? Amazon offers three Prime membership plans.

A comparison of Amazon Prime membership plans: monthly, yearly, and Prime Video only

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Interesting: Amazon Prime monthly fee is raised by 18%, to $12.99
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