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19 trendy words you should be using more often (infographic)

Trendy words to use more often
A screenshot from the infographic “19 new words to spice up your vocabulary in 2020” / Source: Global English Editing

From “hippotherapy,” to “mansplaining,” to “sprog,” to “peoplekind” – these words will spice up your vocabulary and make you more engaging in conversations.

Aren’t you bored with using the same dull words that were cool a few years ago? Isn’t it the highest time to spice up your vocabulary and add a new context and fresh meaning to everything you say or write?

From Global English Editing comes a new infographic that puts together 19 words that you could use more often – starting today.

Most of these words are now in use, especially by millennials, so it’s good to know their exact meaning if you want to embrace them.

Readers fluent in internet-speak will be familiar with many of these words. Others have been used as slang for decades, but have only recently become mainstream.

“Hippotherapy,” “bingeable,” “biohacking,” and “peoplekind” are on the list. Some are better, some are less known, but all are lit! Everyone will love them, except your spellchecker.

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution.

New and trendy words to use more often this year - full size infographic

Via Global English Editing blog.

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